How do I determine how to increase a pattern?


This is a general question. When I have a pattern, how can I determine how to increase a pattern; ie., do I double the # of rows? # of cast ons? As an example, if I have a dishcloth pattern and want to increase it to make a dish towel, how can I determine this? Okay, I pasted a pattern below to use as an example. Thank you all!!!

Bottom line: How would I increase this to knit a cloth double the size???

This is an easy answer… that’s the simplest washcloth… just. It says if you increase to 50 stitches you get facecloth size so to double it you’d just keep increasing in pattern till it’s 100 stitches or however many you want. Then decrease per pattern. People use this same method to make baby blankets, too.

Yes, when you do this particular pattern you can see the length and width as you are knitting. Because it’s knit on the diagonal, you can keep increasing until you reach the dimensions you want.
With patterns that are knit straight across, determine what width in inches you’d like and then use your gauge to tell you how many sts you need to cast on to give you that number of inches. if there’s a pattern repeat, you’ll need to take that into account when you determine the sts to cast on, but usually you can round off to some multiple of the pattern repeat that will give you approximately the width you want.

UGH didnt realize I sent a link of a diagonal for example. Here is another one below. When you say “take the pattern repeat into consideration” that’s exactly the spot I get stuck on. I pasted anotherr link below to use as an example. If there is a pattern repeat how do I determine the number of extra stitches I need to make it bigger. Do I take the amount of stitches used in the repeat and then double, triple, etc??? Here is a link:

Use the number of stitches in the pattern repat and add more in that same increment. In the pattern you linked to, the repeat is 6 sts, so you would add 6, 12, 18, 24, etc stitches to the CO number that’s given. Don’t just double the cast on number because the edge stitches aren’t part of the repeat. This one does happen to have 6 edge sts, so any multiple of 6 will work.

BTW, I had to go through a lot of rigamarole to sign up and look at this pattern, then it just takes you to the site it’s hosted on. You can get to that site directly - the Dishcloth Boutique - where there’s 6 pages of knit dishcloth patterns.

AHHHH… thank you so very much. That makes perfect sense now. :cheering: