How do i decrease a stitch in raglan shaping?

how do i do this without losing my pattern? im stuck… HELP!!!

I’m not sure what you’re looking for.

To create the raglan shaping, you decrease. If you’re working flat, you can either decrease right on the edge, a stitch in, or two stitches in, depending on how you want your raglan seam to look.

For a left leaning decrease, use ssk, for a right leaning decrease use k2tog.

If you have a pattern that goes up to the decrease, you can work the decreases as above, but take one stitch off the beginning of the pattern and one off the end starting with the next row.

So if you were working in ribbing, for example, you’d start with

kkppkkppkkppkk and after the first decrease you’d be looking at
kppkkppkkppk and then
ppkkppkkpp etc.
Does all this answer your questioin?