How do I count stockinette stitch?

I am new to knitting and I am working on a kit and it says to "Work 4 rows stocking st begin with a knit row."
Does this mean 1 knit row, 1 purl row, 1 knit row, and 1 purl row OR
1 knit row, 1 purl row - repeat 3 times?

Please help!

The first thing you said. :slight_smile:

1 knit row, 1 purl row, 1 knit row, and 1 purl row

You got it! :thumbsup:

Each row is one way down your needle no matter which stitch you are doing. So each time you flip your needles you are starting a new row.

One way to count row in stockinette stitch is to count the V’s on the knit side. When you purl a row in stockinette, it makes “bumps” on the side facing you and “V’s” on the opposite side (the one facing you if you’re knitting), so each V is one row.

The stockinette pattern has a smooth surface on the knit side and purl side is all bumpy…happy knitting :x:

I find it easier to count the bumps on the purl side. I get lost when I try to count on the knit side. And I’ve been knitting for years and years.


u can never go wrong with row counter… knitpick have a digital row counter… very cool :happydance: