How do i count rows in seed stitch?

hi…I am making a baby blanket that asks me to do 20 rows in seed stitch…and my rown counter is loose and i’m pretty sure the number shifted while in my knitting bag (time for a new counter!)

how can i tell how many rows i have completed by looking at the work? e.g i know to count in i count the “Vs”, but not sure what ‘indicator’ (ie like the Vs in i can use for seed stitch??

Thanks, KB

When you are counting seed stitch you’d count each “seed” or purl stitch and then the k st in between;

If you are doing it like this you’d count like this;
kpkp[color=red]k[/color] -1
pkpk[color=red]p[/color] -2
kpkp[color=red]k[/color] -3
pkpk[color=red]p[/color] -4
kpkp[color=red]k[/color] -5 rows

BTW…I use pencil and paper. :teehee:

hi jan
thanks for your quick response. if i am hearing you right, i count the pearl ‘bump’ as 1, then the flat V-ish thing above it as 2 and so on?

:), kkb

Correct! :cheering:

Quite easy really. Count in multiples of four, four per row. So each row represents a new ‘seed’. After four rows you’ll have a shoot and then it’s just a matter of keeping on top of the air temperature and moisture etc.