How do I correct my mistake?

I’m knitting socks. I used 4 dp needles. I just finished my first one, and when I finished it up I had 8 stitches on the needles, 2 on one needle, 4 on the middle needle and 2 on the 3rd. I cut my thread, and threaded a tapestry needle, then took off my 8 stitches, one at a time using the needle. When I had them all off I pulled it tight then kind of weaved the tail of the yarn around and around finishing up with knotting it to secure it. It looks like the toe comes to a point. I tried it on and I don’t like it very much. As an after thought I think I should have taken off a stitch on one side, then the other with my needle…back and forth until I had them all off. I think it would have ended up more straight across. Since I didn’t do that, is it just too late, or do you think I have a chance to correct this boo boo.???Any suggestions??

I’ve never done that kind of toe, I always use kitchener stitch which grafts them so they look seamless. It takes practice, but it’s not hard.

To fix it now you’d have to take out what you did already. Can you use a needle or single DPN and tease out the end of the yarn? If so you might be able to slip the stitches back on two needles, 4 on each side, and kitchener them closed.