How do I convert these crochet stitches to knit?

Hi everyone!

I found a really cute baby blanket quilt pattern where you crochet a border around the quilting square. It’s a really simple pattern - a single crochet, followed by a double crochet. Easy, except I don’t crochet!

I would assume I’d substitute the single crochet for a garter stitch, but what should I use for the double crochet that would be somewhat comparable?



Double crochet is just taller than single crochet, so you can work more rows in garter stitch. Maybe do about 5 or 6 rows.

If you could link to the pattern or a picture of the blanket it might help us to help you figure out how you want to do it. You aren’t likely to copy the appearance of crochet exactly with knitting but you should be able to come up with something you like.

Here’s a link to the pattern:

and same idea on another site:

Thanks again!

Those are cute. Have you considered learning to crochet to do this? I’ll have to leave how to do it knit to someone else. If there is a practical solution, someone here should be able to help you find it.

I like the look of the crochet edge myself and it would be easy to learn enough crochet to do the edge sts. If you want to knit instead, use the blanket stitch as described in the second link to give you an edge in which to pick up stitches. And the hint to work several stitches at the corner will be true for the knitted edge as well as the crocheted. You want the edges to lie flat the not to curl in. Cute idea!

I may break down and crochet it. I taught myself to knit on YouTube, so I’m SURE I could learn how to do something as easy as single and double crochet the same way.

I want to do a baby blanket before the baby goes to college, so trying to keep it as easy as possible! :wink:

If you don’t want to learn to crochet just for this (but I’ll still try to corrupt you later :teehee: ) try one of these for the dcs:

Knit the stitch, then slip it back to the left needle, purl it and slip it back, knit it and go on to the next stitch. If you knit it all three times, it’ll be taller, but if you’re using garter stitch for the border it won’t look as good.


Yo, knit the stitch where the dc goes, slip back, k the st and the yo tog, and if you’re binding off, k that tog with the stitch on the needle.