How do I convert my pattern to rounds?

I’ve only been knitting for a couple months now and I am still learning certain principles and fine tuning others.

I’ve recently stumbled upon a blog that has some really cute Amigurumi (I believe thats the term) patterns and I’ve been attempting to make a few of them. The blog says that the patterns would be easy to convert to rounds and she (he?) even suggests doing so if you’re comfortable using double point needles. I would like to convert the pattern but I’m not sure how to go about doing so. The pattern I was attempting to do is this cute Koala Baby:

[FONT=“Arial Black”][SIZE=“5”]Here is the Body section of the pattern for example:[/SIZE][/FONT]

  1. Purl
  2. Kfb along(12sts)
  3. Purl
  4. kfb, k1 along (18sts)
  5. Purl
  6. Kfb along (36sts)
    7-21. (Begin with Purl) st-st for 15 rows
  7. *k2tog * along (18sts)
  8. BO

If someone could translate the whole pattern or even just this section into rounds for me then maybe I could probably figure out how to do the rest by myself for this and future patterns. Even just the basic principle even of how to convert a pattern from rows to rounds would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

Happy knitting,

Even just the basic principle even of how to convert a pattern from rows to rounds would be appreciated.

In a nutshell, your just knitting both sides at the same time, same needle. Often, patterns will add a “selvage stitch” to both sides for sewing together. If that is the case, just omit those and knit row 1 of front, place marker to mark the end of front and the beginning of back, and row 1 of back and then do row 2 of both front and back and so on and so on…
tip: make sure you mark where front and back are.

It looks to me like this pattern is done in the round already.
Is there something Im missing?

btw: thanks for the link…

Join the 6 sts and change all the odd number purl rows to knit.

Yea, i forgot the changing the ws rows to their opposites…but this pattern is done in the round already…i pretty sure.

It says to use the tail to sew up so I think it’s flat.

No, it’s done flat, not in the round.

ok i see that now…thank you Jan for pointing that out.

I personally wouldnt do it that way…but to each their own.

That’s why she’s asking to convert it to knit in the round so there’s no need to sew it.

First of all, you’re welcome for the link! On the main page, if you scroll all the way down to the bottom, there is a list of all the free patterns ( there really are some cute projects.

Secondly, I don’t want to sound slow but just to check before I start at the pattern, am I literally just taking the pattern I have, as is, and knitting it on dpns? I realize that I need to change the purl rows to knit but is that it? If so then I suppose I was making this seem a lot more difficult in my head! Sorry to have to clarify, I’m still pretty new to this! Thanks for taking the time to help :slight_smile:


Yes all you have to do is cast on 6sts and join the ends when you knit the first round. The even number rows are the RS of the work and when you knit in the round you’re always working on the RS. So there’s no need to change anything for this pattern except knit the purl rows.

Thanks so much for your help and patience! It was easier than I was thinking.

If one CO 6 sts to knit one side flat, wouldn’t one need to CO 12 sts to knit both sides at the same time in the round?

I always double the CO when I switch a sweater pattern from flat to round…

No, if you read over the pattern, it starts with 6 sts, increases rapidly, then is worked straight for a while and you bind off. Then you seam up the edges and close up that small cast on like you do for the top of a hat.

A sweater has two pieces, this has only one.