How do I color block a cardigan so that it looks like this: )==( with color and texture differences

I am designing a cardigan with a solid smooth dark color on the sides to make the bright boucle yarn (also quite fuzzy) look less bold. And to use the yarn type and color to suggest a waist line that isn’t quite as curvy instead of boxy that straight lines would suggest.

I know I can do straight lined blocks of color but I am having a hard time figuring out how to make it curving inwardly to reduce the bulk of the boucle yarn.

Do you want to knit this in one piece using intarsia where you change colors? In that case you would just move the sections of color relative to each other. Increase or decrease the number of sts in the dark color vs the boucle.
You can see it in the sample Amy is knitting:

You just need to move the color change point on each row/round and that will give you a curving line rather than straight. I prefer to do paired increases and decreases along the color change line to create a slant as it makes the line less jagged. Check out this article on shaped intarsia.

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