How do I change to a new ball of yarn?

My question is how to change to a new ball of yarn…same color…I just need to know before I get to the end of the present ball of yarn that I am using. Thanks.

When I am using natural yarns, I use the spit-splice-felt method. I fray the ends of the old yarn and wet them (yep i use my spit), and do the same with the new yarn… then mash the ends together and rub vigorously between my palms to “felt” them. Works like a charm, and you don’t have any wierd joins or knots. This does not work on synthetic yarn though.

There is also the Russian Join Method or you can also just add at the end of the row and weave the ends into the seam when you’re done. That works fine too. Avoid knots though…they aren’t necessary and like to pop out when you don’t want them to. :shock: