How do I change a pattern to smaller needles?

[FONT=“Arial”]Hi all,

I am really confused on how to change a knitting pattern (link provided below) so that I can use the same weight yarn (sport weight) but use smaller knitting needles (most likely size 2 or 3 DPNs). The hat is for my hubby and he wants smaller stitches so when I knit his company logo on it (and not do the stripes), it doesn’t look so “pixelated”. Anyway, how do I go about changing the pattern to account for using smaller needles? Should I just knit a gauge swatch and make the adjustments based on the new gauage?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. All I have to say is that this site is the BEST thing ever! [/FONT]

You can make a hat from any yarn by using this site.