How do I cast on when I'm 3 rows in?

I’m working on this teddy bear, and for the head portion on the 3rd row it says to “cast on 10 stitches” and continue working. I don’t think that means “increase 10” because in later rows it says inc., not co.

So now I’m wondering if I knit on 10 stitches on the 2nd row and treat them as the third and not work them when I knit across on the third row, or if there’s some other way to do this.


Most people use the backword loop for middle of the row. There are tutorials at the top of the page.

So just a standard increase, then? No strange casting on? That’s a relief.

That is one method of increase and works well for increasing in the middle of a row or in the middle of a pattern. I’ve also used the cable CO in the middle of a row and it works well, too. It does leave a little ridge at the bottom, but if you’re going to seam it it would be fine.

Oh okay, that clears it up. And I am a fan of cable cast-on. I’m probably going to go M1F, though, just because I want to try that out.