How do i cast on at beg of row?

the pattern im working on (bikini on pg 89 of spring/summer 06 vogue knitting) says that i need to cast on stitches at the begining of certain rows. i only know how to cast on at the end of rows. is there a cast on method i can use at the beg, or should i just cast on at the end like i know how (i dont think it really matters if i do it at the beg or end because there are cast on increases on both rs and ws rows, resulting in a symmetrical increase.) please let me know, because i cant go any further until its figured out.

I’ve yet to figure out how to cast on at the beginning, so I always do it at the end, too.

I wish I knew how too – no matter how you do it, it ends up with one of the CO sides being a row off, kinda like binding off stitches I guess?

Do you think a solution would be to do an increase at the beginning, instead of the conventional cast on, by doing a yarnover onto the right needle before knitting the first stitch, then knitting into it on the way back like a normal stitch? Just an idea.

Sometimes, though, they ask you to cast on several stitches.

I supposed you could cast on with another strand and then continue to knit across the row, but you’d have all sorts of extra ends to weave in.

thanks for all of ya’lls input.

a knitter on another forum helped me out with this one (i figured 2 forums were better than one) and i’ll pass the word along.
she said:

"i really like using the cable cast on for the beginning of a row.

basically you insert the right needle between the first 2 sts on the left needle, knit one st, and transfer it to the left needle by inserting the left needle into the new stitch from the bottom and lifting it off the right needle. now you have an extra stitch on the left needle and can repeat the process.

there’s probably a video of it on"

silly me, the answer was right under my nose at this very site. i watched the video and it clicked. (i just imagined that the slip knot in the video was an entire row of knitting) i had watched that video about 500 times and never realized that it could be done on an esablished row. i still didnt like the way it looked though. so i knitted a sample swatch using cable cast on, knitting on cast on, and single cast on (which is the one i knew how to do at the end of the row already) and decided that the single cast on looked more finished. the other two created a bump on the rs of my st st. well i suggest that ya’ll should try out a sample swatch like i did and make up your own minds. im so happy i found out how to cast on at the beg of a row (even if i didnt use it for this project after all).

Tracer - I’m working on the same bikini!! here was my post in the “how to” section! I used the backwards loop method and it worked really well. I just used that for the cast on 10 for two rows, and it seemed to work fine, and it looks okay, but I’m not really that far past it, so it’s hard to tell.

Did you use the Classic Elite Star? What color? It was my first time using yarn with elastic, and it was definitely a challenge getting the gauge right…whew!

yeah im using classic elite star. i’ll post a pic of the yarn color on here. the site i ordered from called it “nile green.” ive worked with cascade fixation (also an elastic yarn) before and i actually prefer it. this classic elite is more of a boucle and cascade is smoother, so its easier to stay on gauge. my gauge was off for this bikini, i ended up going to a sz 5 (i probably should have even gone up to a sz 6) to make it about right. its coming out nicely though, i only have about 10 more rows until i switch needle sizes for the waistband. aw we should post pics on here when we’re done. i get all excited when i can discuss the project with someone who’s also working on it.
im thinking i might try to add a liner (perhaps out of spandex), but when i get the bottoms finished, i can decide if it’s neccessary. do you have the same concern?

wow, love that color!! i’m using passion flower.
it’s funny because i was knitting too loose to begin with. but it worked out well, because i’m kind of between the small and medium i think, so i just kept going, knowing i was at a slightly bigger gauge. it was hard estimating what size to do because the measurements weren’t that clear, since it’s elastic yarn. i definitely thought about putting a liner it is…it’s a little holey when stretched. :blush:
I’m still a long ways off from that, and I have a deadline (my 1st anniversary weekend - hot tub at a cabin in WV!) so whether I put a liner in depends on whether I even finish in time!!!
But definitely keep me updated on your progress!! I can’t wait to see it when it’s done!

i need some advice on this bikini again. so im pretty much done with the bottoms and i kinda held them up to myself before i added the waistband just to make sure i didnt need to make it any wider. well, they were really small. i can get the sides to touch if i stretch them a lot, but when i relax the fabric to the tension i would like, the side seems are about an inch from touching on each side. (im only a size 3 so it amazes me that the small size would be TOO small for me)
so my question is, should i frog the bottoms and start over trying the size medium or large instructions…OR…should i just knit two strips to fill the gap at the side seams?
the bottoms only took me 2 or 3 days to get to the point im at now, so if i start over it wont be that big of a deal. (i just hate the idea of ripping a nearly completed project) ive been sitting on this decision for a few days now and thought i would come to ya’ll with my tail tucked between my legs in shame.
let me know please

I’m still marveling over the fact that the bottom only took you 2 or 3 days… mine has been taking forever! But then again, I’m knitting it in secret, and have had to frog sections for one reason or another.
I tried mine on as well, but I stuck the sides together with safety pins…mine fit great (I think!) but like I said before, my gauge was intentionally left a little bigger, and I’m usually a size 4. I think I would just pick up stitches on the side and add on what you need. The yarn is bumpy, so you wouldn’t even be able to tell I don’t think. And frogging that much with this yarn would probably make it a little less elastic and might fuzz it up some. Good luck!! I’m hoping mine stays up, I noticed the band wasn’t as tight as I would like it, but I still have two more rows to knit, but it just seemed a tad floppy :thinking: