How do I break off yarn?

Hi, I’m new to knitting and I’m confused by my patterns instructions, it states to ‘break off yarn and thread through remaining stitches and fasten off’.
If someone could please run me through what this means I would be grateful.
Thank you

It depends on what you are making. I would say, you just cut the yarn, leaving a quite long tail that you can pull through the remaining stitches. Hoped that helps a little!

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Here’s what I would do.

Cut the yarn, but leave a long amount of yarn between the knitting and the scissors. Then thread your yarn through a yarn needle and thread it through each of the stitches that are on your long knitting needle. Make sure each of your sts are on that yarn. Then slip your long needle out of all the sts. After that you pull the sts tight and finish off.


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