How do I block an already sewn-together cardigan?

I made my first cardigan in a class, and we weren’t told to block the individual pieces before seaming. So now I need to block it – the button-edges roll in badly, so that you can’t even see the buttons when I wear it unbuttoned. And I think it just needs blocking in general.

I have a set of blocking wires – can I use those for an already-seamed sweater? I bought them for a lace scarf which I haven’t yet finished, so I haven’t used them yet.

DH is out buying me some interlocking foam tiles to use as a blocking surface.

The sweater is Lamb’s Pride and mohair carried together.


Oh no – no one’s answered you yet!

Well, if we think about this logically… Anytime you wash the sweater, you’ll have to block to get it back into shape, and it would be silly to have to take it apart every time you wash it, so I would say, yes, it’s probably okay to block it after it’s seamed. I think the idea behind blocking before seaming is that it makes the edges easier to match up. I bet a contraption like this would work really well, but I’m sure there must be alternatives. Hopefully someone will come along soon who can help.

This article from knitty talks about blocking an already finished sweater and it gives some great tips!

I generally block my sweaters after seaming, though I don’t really do much besides washing them and laying them flat to dry, pinning in place if needed.

This might sound dumb, but how do you pin your sweater down? Ok, so i wet the sweater lay it down on a garbage bag on the floor and pin it to what? What kind of pins are you using? Straight pins? Do you just stab them into the carpet? I made a sweater in the round do I still need to block it? They say it sets the stitches but every time you wash it does it not set the stitches different?

Candy, I usually block on my guest bed! So I stick the pins directly in the bed. You want to use rust proof pins, but otherwise any type is ok. They also make blocking boards and some people use cork boards or pin into the carpet.

Honestly, I don’t really block most of my sweaters. If I need to flatten out curling edges, open up lace patterns, or even out stitches, then I pin after washing, but otherwise I just let it dry flat. Often times just hand washing will do the job.


Candy, I bought some interlocking foam floor tiles from Home Depot – I can lay them out on the floor of my office and nobody will bother it. We have hardwood floors, but I know that some people pin directly into the carpet.

thanks for the ideas :happydance: