How do i block a shawl?

Do I need to buy those cool interlocking blocking mat things from Knitpicks? Or is there a more economical way to do it?

I thought of using the bed in our guest room, but I plan to wet the shawl, and I don’t want to get the mattress all wet. What have other knitters done to block something big like a shawl?

What weight yarn? Fingering and lace, by the time you soak, then drain, then wrap in a towel and let it absorb some more …well - it’s more a race to pin it out before it dries then worrying about dampness.

Worsted hangs onto the “wet” a bit longer.

It’s worsted weight wool.

You can put another blanket over the bed, then some towels.

As MMario said, I wrap the shawl in a towel to let it absorb some of the moisture. Then I put towels on the guest bed (queen size), then take a couple of large garbage bags (clean and never used, of course!) and cut them open so they will lay flat and put those on top of the towels, then I pin the shawl on top.

So it’s bed, towels, cut up garbage bags, then the shawl. This may not be the best method out there, but it works fine. So far, I haven’t had a problem with the bed getting wet, but I pin the shawl when it is just damp. I don’t own any cool blocking mats, so this will have to do until I can afford something better.

Oh, one more thing, I do NOT use the scented garbage bags. I don’t want my knitted item to smell like that!

Okay, I’m going to go with the blanket-towels-trash-bags idea. Thanks for all the advice!