How do I begin a border on a blanket?


I am a beginner knitter. I love it! I am in the process of finishing a baby blanket and am completely lost on how to add a border around the edges to give it a finished look. Please help!!! :slight_smile: I have been searching online to see if there is some kind of guide but no luck.

Thank you,

You’re at the right site! See Amy’s video on picking up stitches. Or you can simply knit separate pieces and then seam them to the blanket. She also has great videos demonstrating that.

Good luck!

I am also new to knitting and would like to add a follow up question. Would it have been better to include the border in the blanket all along? Like do the border row first and then as you go up the blanket stitch a few inches on teh left for the border, do the blanket pattern, and then on the right stitch a few stiches for the right of the border?

Thank you for the info. How would I bind off on this border?

The reason I didn’t include the border first was because the pattern didn’t call for it, but it makes sense to do it from the beginning. I like the idea of also of seaming it to the blanket, but how will that work. How do I measure that?

Does anyone have any recommendations on books or videos showing this?


Do you crochet? That’s an easy way to add a border, too.

The way you bind off is related to the kind of border you want. If you want a frilly border, you could do a couple of rows of stockinette, then make a ruffled border by adding stitches during the bind off, or you could just do a garter stitch border.

Amy has videos for picking up stitches, matress stitch, and others, I really suggest you brows her videos under basic and advanced techniques. And do a google search, google rocks. does rock but you get jilions of hits. we are so lucky to have this rockin’ website!