How Do I Avoid

How do I avoid having the last stitch of each row from coming out so much larger than the previous ones? I pull the yarn quite snug, but it still ends up larger than the rest which then turns out to be a problem at the beginning of the next row. I’m trying to make a garter edge on a baby sweater.

A lot of people like to slip the first stitch and knit the last of each row–it makes your edges come out much smoother and uniform.

slip the first stitch

Purlwise or knitwise? Does it matter?

Purlwise, I believe.

I like to work the 1st st of the row, according to the pattern (K or P) and then once I pull the knitted or purled st off the left needle to the right, I give it a good old tug to tighten. Works like a charm.

tugging the second stitch works great but slipping the first looks even better. i just started doing this and should have done it long ago. stick the needle into that first stitch according to the stitch…if it’s supposed to be purl then stick the needle as to purl or if it’s supposed to be knit stick the needle in as if to knit, then slip the stitch off the needle onto your right hand needle and keep knitting as if nothing.

Thanks all. I’ll give it a try.