How do I avoid laddering?

I started my first “real” sock last night. I’m using size 7 double pointed needles with worsted weight yarn. I’m getting the laddering effect on the stitches where the needles meet up. I have been trying to tighten those first stitches but it doesn’t seem to be helping? I’ve knit several hats on double point needles and never had this problem. Any tips for me? TIA

You could try moving the sts around a bit…so that the stitch on the end of the dpn is now 2nd from the end and so on…do this from time to time and it may help :thumbsup:

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

I have that problem with using dpns, too. I either use Magic Loop or if I must use dpns, I snug the first stitch on the needle, then re-snug the second stitch. I find the second stitch snugging to be key.

Thanks! This is what I ended up doing and it did seem to help. I have to say that I am really enjoying knitting this sock and it has really helped me get over my being scared to try new techniques! I do like knitting better on circular needles so next time I may have to try doing the magic loop.

I would get the laddering on socks when I would use 4 DPNs (sts on 3, work with the 4th). When I started using 5 DPNs, the laddering stopped. Of course, now I do my socks by magic loop and that is SO much better.