How do I attach yarn in another place (not where the cut strand is)?

I am having trouble figuring out how to attach new yarn to a place in the stitches other than the cut strand. The pattern I am using I will post below.

The part I don’t understand is under the heading ‘Strap’ and specifically where it says: “With right side facing, attach yarn to foot edge and work across the sts as follows”

Can anyone help me with this? I would greatly appreciate it!


In this case you just start knitting with the new yarn. If you like, you can work the first stitch or two with the main yarn and the tail held together to secure it a bit.

After you’ve finished, you can snug it up and weave in the ends.

Thank you, Ingrid. However, I am still confused because I believe I have to start knitting at the beginning of the stitches, which is not where the old yarn I cut is located. I’m using double pointed needles and have to flip them and start at the ‘foot edge’. There is no strand there; I would have to start a new one, but all the videos I’ve seen about joining yarn are about joining in the same place where the old strand is and knitting both strands together for a few stitches. To start at the boot edge I would not have any strand to begin with.

If the yarn is in the middle of the row how did you get to the end if you cut the yarn? :?? I often start a new yarn in the middle of a project (by choice). No matter where you start you’ll need to just start knitting with the new yarn and you can weave in the ends later. I loosely tie the two ends together normally. I’m still trying to figure out how you cut the yarn in the middle, but are at the end… :think:

Those are adorable booties. Yes, as Jan and Ingrid are saying, just start knitting with the new yarn. Make sure there’s about a 6inch tail of the new yarn to weave in later. You can secure the tail of yarn with your hand (whichever hand isn’t holding the working yarn) until you’ve done a stitch or two and if the first st seems a little loose, just tug gently on the tail to snug up that stitch. It’ll all be fine when you weave in the end.

I believe from a quick look at the pattern that the yarn is at the edge of two halves of the heel that need to come together. You’re not going to continue with the old yarn, but just start knitting with a new strand to join the two halves. The old strand will hang there, waiting to be woven in later.