How do I attach the sleeves

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I’ve started knitting this cardigan/jacket and so far so good, but I’ve read ahead and I’m confused as to how I am supposed to attach the sleeves.

I still have 29 stitches on spare needles for each of the sleeves. Do I knit them in somehow? Or use the loops to sew them in?

Also row 44, it’s broken down into sections, but essentially I just purl that whole lot pretty much?

Here is the pattern:

Any help on this appreciated


Row 44 is where you attach the sleeves. Begin with the main/front piece you already have on the needles (the S1, k4, p17 bit), then purl the held stitches of the first sleeve, carry on working the back of the main piece, purl across the held stitches of the second sleeve, then finish that row by working across the left front. Now you should have everything joined together.

Row 44: S1, k4, p17, purl across 29sts from the first sleeve, purl 40sts from the back, purl 29sts from the second sleeve, purl 17sts from left front, k5 (142sts)

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Oh, I see! Thank you very much!

You’re welcome!