How do I attach 2 pom-pom's with chains to the top of a hat?

I can’t find any patterns or even an image of a hat with 2 pom-pom’s with chains attached from the top. My 4 yr old DD ordered it for her hat. I found tutorials all over the net how to make a pom pom, which is not hard. Now how do I attach them to a chain and a hat on the top?

I’m not sure I understand. I know what a pompom is, but what do you mean by chain? :thinking:

Jan in Ca: Whatever that hangs the pom-pom’s. I-cord? I don’t remember when the last time I have seen one of those hats…

You mean a chain stitched cord? I guess I’d just sew them on.

Do you mean like a twisted cord that hangs a pompom a few inches instead of sewing it directly onto the hat, like this hat has?

If this is what you mean - I would make a twisted cord (instructions here and here) and then sew either end to your hat and your pompom.

Yes! :thumbsup:
Thanks and thank you all for helping !