How do I...Alternating skeins of variegated yarn

Hello everyone,

I want to knit a scarf (the pattern is the “My so called scarf”) with a Manos of Uruguay variegated yarn. I read online that because the skeins are kettle-dyed I should knit with both skeins at the same time, alternating between them. Can anyone explain how I would go about doing this? :?? Thank you!

To start using another skein just start knitting with it. Cut the other yarn and leave a tail for weaving in later. I don’t know how often they recommend alternating though. When the scarf is done you can weave in the ends.

I don’t think I was clear. I read you had to knit with both skeins at the same time, alternating between one and the other, so that the scarf doesn’t turn out to look different b/c the yarn is kettle dyed and no two are alike. I was just not sure how to go about it.

[color=indigo]CO and knit, following pattern instructions, the first row with skein A. Turn. Insert needle in first st and loop skein B over the needle and finish the st. Then finish the row and knit back to the other side following pattern instructions. Drop skein B and knit across and back with skein A following pattern instructions. Continue in this manner.[/color]

If you only do one row with a skein, you won’t have yarn there to pick up for the next row. I think you have to knit two rows with one skein and knit the next two rows with the second skein, so you are back where you left the first one.

Thank you! You both answered my question! :muah:

I just bought four hanks of Manos and no idea what to do with it. Maybe that My-So-Called Scarf, maybe not. My question is, if I knit two rows with A and the next two rows with B, will row #5 then start with A again just like that? Won’t there be a bit of unknitted yarn just hanging there from getting picked up two rows later?

Yes, you just bring the yarn from skein B up into knitting position and continue on. There will be tiny loops (not hanging bits) at the edge where you pick up a new skein every two rows. These will be completely inconspicuous if you knit the first two stitches after changing skeins a bit more tightly.

You would twist yarn A around yarn B when changing colors so they won’t be as loose.