How do I alternate different color yarns?

I’m a beginner and I’m taking it to the next level trying to make my scarves more colorfull.

I have my brown and my pink yarn. I’m doing the whole thing on garter stitch because I don’t want to go fancy on it yet, since I have no clue what I’m doing.

I knit 4 brown rows and then I succesfully add 4 rows of pink… and then?

I still have that brown tail haging on one side so I pick it up and start knitting with it and it still looks pretty decent, however, I can only do this with a few rows of each.

What if I want to do 20 brown rows and 10 pink ones? I can’t just pick up that fogotten piece of yarn hanging 10 rows below, can I???

Help :??



You can either cut it and weave in the end later, or you can try to ‘carry’ it up the side.
Let’s say you’re knitting with the pink and carrying the brown. Every time you get to the edge where the brown yarn is, put the pink yarn under the brown strand and it’ll be held against the edge. You’ll still see it, but it won’t be a big loop.