How do I adjust for gauge in rows not stitches?

Thank you to whoever reads and responds.

I getting the correct gauge in stitches per inch on my swatch, as well as the back of my sweater.

When I started knitting the front right side, it ended up way too long, despite keeping track of rows and stitches.

I ripped it out.

I’m getting more rows than the gauge states. How do I correct for this?

Thank you.

Are you using the same size needles? (You’d be surprised how many people goof) The only thing is you may be more relaxed and knitting looser. You could either use a smaller needle or just knit to the same length as the back.

I did exactly that and had one sleeve about 6 inches longer than it should have been. Had to frog it and re-do it…

The most important gauge measurement is the one for the stitches, since you can’t adjust for that.

Most patterns have a schematic that shows how long the separate pieces and sections of pieces are, so you can use that as a guide for length to the underarm and length between the underarm and the shoulders.