How do I adjust bulkiness of an Icord?

I’ve just done knitting a little pair a wool pants for my little 6 mo. old and the waistband calls for an Icord. I want a really thin one that won’t be too bulky in comparison to the little pants. How do adjust the bulk. :thinking: :?? Do I use smaller needles? less knitted stitches? Do you have to use 3 like in the video? :?? Thanks.

You could do less stitches, but I think 3 would be the minimum just because I don’t think it would roll right otherwise. You could use a different weight coordinating yarn instead of the yarn you made the pants with. Also smaller needles would make it tighter. Since its for a baby you could use a chain stitch (crochet) for the belt…that would be pretty thin.

Kemp’s right–small needles, small yarn, three stitch minimum. But, since it’s going to be buried in the fabric anyway, I would go with the chain stitch.

thanks for the help. I do not know how to crochet so that is not an option right now. But I started it and I think it will turn out okay…but my mom will teach me this winter when she is in town to crochet and I think that will be a better option…as it is much quicker and thinner.