How do I add color when I slip the first stitch Purl-wise?

Fairly new to knitting and I am trying to figure out how to start a new color in my project

I am using sport weight yarn - US 2 14" single-pointed needles.

It is a knit 1 purl 1 simple rib stitch with the first stitch being slipped purl-wise. My question is; what is the best way to add color on a new row when I slip the stitch?

I have been searching for a while and have not found the answer yet.

Thank you.

Here is the link to the original pattern.

I am knew so I had to have at least one post before adding the link

Hi and welcome to KH!
You can try the method shown here where you slip the old color and then begin knitting with the new:

Onw alternative is to knit the last stitch of the row with the new color and then continue with the slip stitch on the next row.
It helps also to keep track of which is the right side and which the wrong side of the scarf (so you always change color on a right side row) by putting a safety pin or marker on the right side.
These are such good looking scarves. I made one in the earlier version for my niece.

Thank you for replying. I think I will try adding color to the last knit of the row before and hope that I don’t get a obvious jog in the color.

Well, it will show but I don’t think it’ll be remarkable to anyone but you. Enjoy knitting the scarf!

You also could just skip the slipped stitch on the round where you’re changing colors. The slipped stitch is for keeping a pretty and neat edge. One unslipped stitch at a color change would be relatively unnoticeable. That would keep the stripes straight if that would bother you more than a slight change to the selvage.

I confess that, when struck with the same problem, late at night, I just went ahead and worked the stitch rather than slip it. (guilty smile)

Just me