How do I add a design(picture) into my knitting?

I wanted to make a bag, and I understand the pattern but when it comes to adding a picture of this little bird, which is already put onto a graph for me Im not sure how to change the colors and such as I knit it into the rest of my knitting. This is the picture on a chart…

plus a few more squares for a tiny beak

I know this should be simple… but Im just not sure on how I should be dropping and picking up the different colors. I would really appreciate any information, this site has helped me a lot already in learning how to knit (Im a bit of a beginner as you can see) thanks!:muah:

This kind of pattern uses the Intarsia method of knitting. You’ll have several strands hanging off the back. Your main color up to the color change, then a strand for the contrasting color, and another of the main color.

Amy has video in the advanced section on intarsia, and if you go to and look under techniques, there are a couple of sites that deal with intarsia.

You could also do swiss darning - it’s like cross stitch. Knit your entire piece then use it like a canvas for cross stitch! There’s some good info on DIY network. I did the rock star bag with swiss darning.