How do I achieve this look?

Hello. I am very new to knitting. Currently I can only do the knit stitch. I am learning now to pearl. Can anyone tell me how to achieve the look of this stitching in the photo? Is it one row pearl, then one row knit?
Thank you

Welcome to KH. It’s always great to see another new knitter. Yes, that is stockinette stitch which is alternating knit and purl rows. Stockinette curls up so if you want to make something with it, ask how to deal with it before you get enough of a scarf or something going that ripping it out will be :hair: horrendous.

ETA Knitting all rows gives you garter stitch which has ridges on both sides, is reversible, lies flat.

you’re correct - it’s stockinette stitch (abbreviated as st st) which on a flat piece knitted with regular needles, is one row of knits (the front side), then turned, and one row of purls (the back side). on that sample, it looks like they did a slipped stitch edging, which makes for a nicer presentation.

if you wanted this look of stitches and were knitting in-the-round, either on double-point needles or a circular needle, it would just be knit stitches all day long, no purls, as the ‘right’ side would always be facing you. but that’s for another project :wink:

hope you’re enjoying the craft so far!

Thanks for your reply. So how do I prevent the curling?
Do you think it’s best just to stick with the basic knit stitch? I am still really new to knitting. What do you recommend? Also, knitting a scarf with a cotton yarn (less itchy!), would that work out ok?

Gosh I think that is for another project. I’m such a beginner at the moment. Thanks for the reply

You can knit a scarf in cotton yarn, sure. A blend of acrylic and cotton could also be very nice. One thing that helps with curling is to do a border of garter stitch. You can start with some rows of just knits and then do some stitches of just knits on each end of each row with stockinette in the middle. You will want to learn to purl and get comfortable with it. Right now whatever you want to do is good. You can try knitting rib too. One common one is k2, p2 across the row and when you turn knit the stitches that look like knits and purl the stitches that look like purls. You can use other combos such as k1, p1 or k3, p1 or whatever you want as long as you use the right number of stitches to start. By working with knits and purls you get to see how they behave and what the fabric they produce is like.

Ask any questions you come up with and somebody will get to you and help you out.

I am worried that doing purl will confuse me because I will forget to move the yarn in between knit and purl stitches. Then I am worried I’ll make mistakes. Do you think the basic knit stitch is “pretty” enough? I want to make a blue and white scarf for my dad (our football team is blue and white). I want to make it with cotton yarn, what ply would you recommend I use? You seem to know everything :muah:

I think that scarf is done in knit 1, purl 1 ribbing, not stockinette. I just knit a scarf with 2 strands of yarn in k1 p1 ribbing and it looked just like that photo.


I think you’re right. The Purl Scarf

interesting… my take is stockinette, with a bulky yarn and large needles. i’m not seeing anywhere that a purl is peeking through… but, i don’t do much k1/p1 either. what size yarn/needles were you using for your scarf? :wink:

X - That appears to be a photo posted by someone else.

I am thinking I should stick with normal knit stitches while I’m learning. I am just a bit worried it doesn’t look pretty enough? Maybe some fringe on the ends of the scarf would look ok? This is pretty much the first thing I’ve knitted.
If I wanted to use cotton yarn for a scarf, what ply would you all recommend?
Thanks so much for all the answers. You’re so helpful

right… cindy was offering her take on that picture. i’m just wondering what size yarn/needles she used where a k1/p1 would look like stockinette if it were laying flat/unstretched. i was making that reply post before your post with the pattern link appeared :wink:

Where are you? Do you use US sizes or something else? I ask because you mention “ply” which is a common UK term, not so much in the US. If I tell you US size 9 or 10 needles and worsted weight yarn, does it mean anything?

ETA: Where are you? doesn’t mean you need to be specific as to your location. The country is good enough.

I knit my scarf using 2 strands of worsted weight yarn and size 15 needle. It looked just like that blue,multi strand scarf. On my scarf the knit sts squished together and hid the purl sts.

On the Ravelry pictures I got the same impression of things getting squishy. One of them looked to have been worked in the round too I thought.

I’m in Australia. We use the term ply and we talk about needle size in mm. Can I ask your favorite yarn for a scarf? I want somethiny really soft and not itchy. I tried with cotton 10 ply today and I didn’t like the way the scarf looked.

I think your 10-ply is my worsted and my sz 9 and 10 needles are 5.5 and 6 mm respectively. I can’t say I have a particular favorite yarn for scarves and what’s available here in the US might not be in Australia. Right now I’m doing a shawl in Berry Red Red Heart With Love and just finished what I’m calling a Pet Pockets Scarf that was done in mostly the With Love.

something in a cotton and/or cashmere and/or silk and/or soy blend would be nice… soft, drapey, and still affordable. ebay is evil, but so many skeins of the blends available for $1-$2 US… which is why i have another package coming to my house soon.

Can you recommend some ebay sellers?
What kind of ply cotton would you recommend? I tried knitting with a 10ply cotton yarn and it looked awful. I can only do the knit stitch.
Do you have any tips on making edges neater for scarves?