How do can i decrease on a knit 2 purl 2?

How can i decrease when i am making a hat using the knit 2 purl 2 pattern? usually for my hats i like to start decreasing with either a knit 5, 6 or 10 stitches and then knit 2 together (usually when i’m doing a knit 1 row and purl 1 row) Help!!

Try not to think of it as k2, p2 when decreasing. Instead, just following the established pattern and decrease accordingly.

k2tog, p2, k2 across
P2tog, k2, p2 across
k2tog …etc …

I’m surpised the patterns doesn’t specify the decs :??

I’m still confused. what should i do between the rows when i decrease? (i’m knitting on straight needles)

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Marnie answered this same question in this thread.


Thanks Amy!! This was what I was thinking, but couldn’t find the words. :cry: