How did you find your knitting group?

For a while now I was thinking that it would be fun to be in a knitting group. Maybee parent/ child one since my daughter is interested in knitting.
Any sugestions? I am a bit shy to ask around in LYS :oops:

Hi - My group started out of a knitting class that I took. But sometimes the LYS has a knit night. Also if you look here:

You may be able to find a group in your area. -Deb

I asked the owner of the LYS in the next town. What a surprise, there is a group right here in my OWN town! She was happy to share the meeting date and time, and the phone number of the group leader.

Don’t be shy, just ask!

What you do is this. Teach more people to knit, and then get together regularly with them. :slight_smile:

A few years back, a few girls I know started a girls night. We have dinner and work on crafts. Then a couple of them learned to knit and since then, it has grown. It’s so portable that we usually bring our knitting (or crochet) to work on instead of scrapbooking or sewing.

I found one on the website. You can find all different types of groups there. Start by going to Hobbies, then Crafts, then of course Knitting. You need to provide your zip and it should list all the ones in your area. In fact right now on the home page is a picture of a Austin Knitting Group, then a New York Chocolate Group, now that sounds good! :teehee:

You can also look up on the TNKG website … there is an area with guilds.

Our guild started with the ladies from one knitting class and grew from there. You should ask at your LYS, dont be shy! I’m sure they would welcome you and your daughter. We have a group of 9-11 year olds in our guild that we LOVE to rave about.

i found mine from searching on