How did you find this site?

This info will help me make plans for this site.


I voted videos & how-to content :slight_smile:

Videos :smiley: Actually, I got the link from Your videos were quite the topic of discussion! :wink:

HGTV message boards (knitting). I posted a question with a reply to try your site.

I typed free knitting patterns in google.

I found this site through a link on another site (a blog), when I was looking to see what was out there in terms of learning how to knit. Can’t remember the person’s blog, but I knew I was home when I found this site :slight_smile:

Me too, I think… Can’t quite remember, but it could also have been on another board…[Wah, I’m not old enough to begin forgetting stuff!!!]

I chose 1. Although I could have answered either 1, 2, or 4.

Primarily, I found this site while Googleing for a pictured, free chemo cap pattern for a longtime friend of mine who is undergoing chemo for breast cancer. Wouldn’t ya know it? In the end she opted to not make a fuss over picking a pattern and decided to wear a dollar store cap instead?! hmmmph. Personally, I think that “No Hair Day” pattern, by Sue W. Thompson at Head Huggers is just about the wildest/coolest hat I’ve ever seen, chemo or no chemo.

What really interested me were the pictures, skill level rating and the good overview of the projects. The techniques were also of interest (an ongoing search theme for me). After adding this site to my “Favorites” list, I came back and discovered the great tutorials (for which I have seen <some> similar at another, helpful site). I’d say this is the site’s greatest asset and the early poll ratings seem to reflect it.

Additionally, I saw MANY link references from other sites to this one.

While searching I probably also saw some references that were tied to the Forums (I’m a real data digger), but I cannot honestly say I recall it specifically.

Google…searching for videos.

Found you through good old google. I was trying to learn how to fix a mistake with my knitting (putting the needle bac in my bag that was frogged) and your video’s showed up. I was estatic…video!! You mean I can watch someone do it as a pose to figuring out written instuctions!


I didn’t know how to knit :cry: !

Now I do :lol: !

Thanks to you :wink: !


I found you searching for videos to help learn to knit!


I did a search on “braidakin” (or something like that) and somehow got to the advanced video page… go figure!
(i use yahoo exclusively to search, BTW… google doesn’t do it for me)

I’m pretty sure I found the site by doing a pattern search (At this point I can’t even remember what I was searching for). But it was the videos that really kept me looking around, then I checked out the forum…

I remember exactly where I found the link to this site!

It was on fluffa’s page :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly i did a google search “knitting help”. gotta love google. :smiley:

I got here from a link on faerycrafty’s blog.

i came up with the videos after searching for something instruction-related on-line and stumbled across the forum when it was like three days old.

I started knitting just before last Christmas. I was struggling to learn the basics and making all sorts of mistakes. I had found the website from a men’s yahoo knitting group. From there someone recommended as a resource for solving my intial challenges and advancing my skill level. I found help quickly with the video on the basic purl stitch and have been checking in ever since to look at patterns and read the comments made by all of you wonderful, knowledgeable people here.
Thank you all.


I found it through a link posted to here from knitter Review Forum !