How did you find out about

Hello Everyone,

I am doing a little marketing research for KH. I’ve always been amazed at how this community has grown in such a short period of time. So I am curious: How do people come to find out about KH?

I’ve created a poll with some of the obvious ways one might happen upon KH (if I missed any, let me know and I will edit it). If you would be so kind to vote, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, feel free to post any stories regarding your discovery of KH.

Thanks a bunch!

  • Sheldon

I started knitting in October 2005 by taking a class at the Parks and Recreation Dept. It wasn’t much help and focused more on crochet and I was looking for a community of knitters. I am familiar with forums because I belong to a photography forum as well so I just knew there had to be one for knitting and I found KH. The rest is history. :teehee:

Also… I found a few others like Knitter’s Review and Knitty and found them overwhelming. Just way, WAY too many sections so KH was wonderful in it’s simplicity, ease of use, and friendliness. :hug:

I had found it through Google originally trying to find knitting videos. (which I obviously found.) I had been using the videos and patterns for about a month before I “discovered” the forum. (never clicked on that part for some reason.)

Then, just about the same time, some one recommended it on Craftster (another craft forum.

So, since I couldn’t vote for 2 ways, I put the search engine.

I found KH through google I think … it’s the first and only one I found

I found it and stayed :hug:

i clicked a link that brought me to the pattern section while i was searching for free patterns. a couple of months later i noticed the forum section and joined.

I didn’t noticed the videos till muuch later.

I belong to another forum that has a craft board on it. There was a stickied thread in there about how to learn to knit and KH was linked in there as a fabulous resource.

I googles learning to knit and knitting abbreviations and I found KH. I was using the glossary and videos before I found the forum. After a while a had a few questions so I wondered over to the boards and the rest is history! Boy am I glad I stumbeled apon this site!

I googled “how to knit” and KH was one of the first sites to come up–how lucky!

It’s been almost a year and a half since I joined KH. My first question was about carrying yarn in the back because I was making a heart on a baby hat,and I haven’t left since.I Googled about carrying yarn and this is where it took me

I was googling about for something to do with knitting a few months after learning to knit and found the site back in the early days (lol, as [I]if[/I] that was a long time ago :teehee:) and we big mouth knitters spread the KH word like wild fire (and still do :wink:). Personally, I think word of mouth from knitter to knitter has really help grow this site. I was chatting with a friend that works for KnitPicks and she told me that she directs knitters that email them with questions about patterns, etc to Amy’s videos. I have heard podcasters talking about the site, read about it on many blogs and other knitting forums…we knitters are talkers, ya know :sunglasses:

I googled knitting for children and got the KH children’s page. It was just so simple to keep clicking and I found the forum. I lurked for a while, then joined. I love the forum because of the people on it – real people making real knitting projects!

I found it on Google :cheering:

Google. I was either googling “knitting help” (haha!) or “knitting abbreviations.” That brought me to the videos and abbreviations, and then I noticed the forum.

At the time, I was knitting (my first) a scarf that had an error in the pattern. I was hesitant about posting my question, and the answers weren’t much help, but that really was because the pattern was wrong. (It was supposed to be one a slant–it zig-zagged.)

Googled knitting videos as I am a visual learner. KH was one of the first to pop up. So glad it did!:hug:

Thanks everyone for the replies so far! I had a suspicion that Google would be the top referral. We did a lot of work early on trying to get to love us and it has helped! I am hoping we can pick up more links in people’s blogs and web sites (psst, bloggers: we have linking graphics!). From the poll results it seems those areas could use some work

I think word of mouth has been a very big factor too. A few times, when out in public, we’ve had people talk to Amy about her knitting and mention as an excellent resource, not realizing that they’re talking to THE founder of the web site!:rofling: It’s pretty amazing how many knitters we’ll bump into who know of the site.

:rofl: That’s funny. No one reads my blogs, but I’ll plug them for sure.

When I took early retirement, I promised myself I would learn how to knit - it was really a goal I had. I googled knitting help (because I had no idea what I was doing) and this forum came up. So glad it did. I learned so much from the videos and the chats. I’m still learning but I have come such a long way because of all of you.

Thanks so much!!!

well i think the majority of people who read my blog are already here but i do have a link to here on the sidebar… i don’t know how to add buttons and such so that’s the best i can do…lol

I found it googling “free knitting videos.” i found another site first that was okay but i had to pay to learn anything more than the four basics (cast on, cast off, purl, knit) decided to look some more and see what else i could find and found this site. that other site’s forums are HORRRRIBLE with all the spam. we should never complain about our spam because there’s is almost nothing but spam.

I did a Yahoo! search for “free knitting videos”. I didn’t find the Forum until much later.


My story is very similar to everyone else’s. I won a Suss Knit Kit on ebay, got it, made the scarf and fell in love with knitting. the scarf was garter stitch, and i wanted to learn more, so i googled “knitting videos” and found KH. I came to the forum the same day, before i even watched the videos i had been looking for.:teehee: