How did I miscount? Running out of yarn, now what?

For Christmas, DH bought me some wool yarn that he bought on eBay. For not knowing what he was doing, he picked a very nice yarn. The label doesn’t have a lot of info but it says Vail Handspun by Yarns Brunswick. It also says 100% pure virgin wool, 100 grams. The labels have very little additional information. It’s a beautiful medium blue, sort of like a medium wash denim color and it is a nice medium bulky weight.

I started knitting the Banff sweater on I am telling you, I swear I started with 11 skeins of yarn. I double checked my gauge and made sure my yarn was a good substitution. The pattern calls for 7 skeins so I figured I was safe.

I am a full time student so I don’t get as much time to knit as I would like. I have been working on this sweater since Christmas and I have really been looking forward to finishing it. It just looks like the perfect sweater to wear on a cold winter day while studying for my classes.

This is only the second sweater I’ve knit, actually the first adult sweater. So far, everything was going well and I was feeling pretty confident. I am now working on the first sleeve and I’m 3/4 done with that. I have one more sleeve to do and then the collar.

A few days I went to get another skein of yarn and OMG, I only have two skeins left!!! How did that happen??? I haven’t been counting as I’ve gone along because I figured I had more than enough. I guess it is possible that I could have left a skein or two somewhere but I can’t imagine where.

I am pretty sure that two skeins is not going to finish one and a quarter sleeves AND a collar. Would you agree? What should I do? I can’t find this yarn anywhere. I’m pretty sure Yarns Brunswick is not in business anymore. I’ve googled like crazy. Can’t find any on ebay either.

Any suggestions for ways to find hard-to-find yarn? I am just sick because I am going to have to take apart this whole sweater if I can’t find this yarn.

Living in CO, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Vail Handspun at my LYS. I’ll check for you either tomorrow or Saturday. What color is the label? The one I’m thinking of has a colorful yellow and orange label. Reminds me of a sunset or something like that.

It’s a brown label with yellow printing on it. It looks like this
it’s actually the same yarn, but in blue.

Not to be confused with

If you see it, let me know because that means I can ask my LYS to get some. As a matter of fact, maybe I’ll call around tomorrow and see if anyone can get it for me.