How did i do this?

This is my first blog ever. I thought I would start one because I like typing and I get bored alot at work.

I guess I will try and name 100 things about me.

  1. My name is Mary.
  2. I live in Eugene, Oregon.
  3. I was born and raised here. I have never lived anywhere else.
  4. I have a daughter (33) and a son (29).
  5. I have 3 granchildren, Kaiyah (18), Koltin (14) and Kadin (9).
  6. The states that I have been to are North Carolina, Arizona, California, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Nevada.
  7. I’ve been to Canada once.
  8. My DB’s name is Jeff.
  9. My favorite dinner is scalloped potatoes and ham.
  10. My favorite vegetable is green beans with bacon.
  11. I love candy.
  12. I work in a furniture store.
  13. I’m a receptionist.
  14. Right now I’m working on a scarf for a co-worker for Christmas.
  15. I’m 5’2" almost.
  16. I have brown hair.
  17. I have blue eyes.
  18. I always wear jeans no matter what.
  19. I always wear tennis shoes no matter what.
  20. I like to type.
  21. My favorite color is red.
  22. Even though my favorite color is red I hardly ever buy anything red. I just like to look at it I guess.
  23. I drive a Nissan Altima or is that Altima Nissan?
  24. I’m not good with electrical things. For instance I can barely handle my cell phone let alone a computer.
  25. Everyone at work thinks I’m a computer whiz. When a computer acts up I turn it off then on and now they all call me when they have computer problems.

That’s about all I can think of.

I’m almost finished with Tracy’s scarf that I’m making her for Christmas. The pattern is basically the lace mesh pattern with an extra yarn over to make the hole bigger. I think I like it. Hopefully she will too.

Last night when I was knitting on the scarf, Jeff’s son Jonathon got really mad at me because I would not let him watch a CSI show on TV. He told me he was taking me to Judge Judy. I laughed at him and told him good luck. He can be so funny when he’s mad at me.

My DD and DGS are coming to visit me from Bend this Thursday. I will have to make him his favorite peanut butter candy.

Well I better get busy since I’m here at work.

Oh oh oh I thought of some more stuff about me.

  1. I like to cook.
  2. I can be somewhat bossy.
  3. I like to read.
  4. I love country music.
  5. My favorite song is Because of You.
  6. My favorite author is Lisa Jackson.

Welcome to the blogs, Mary! We have a few things in common -

  1. I always wear jeans no matter what.
  2. I always wear tennis shoes no matter what.
  3. My favorite color is red.

I hate heels and never wear them, haven’t in years actually although I do wear ‘nicer’ flat shoes if we do go out and I need to dress up more. I also LOVE my jeans. I need to find some more, but my favorite, Liz Claiborne, aren’t sold at Macy’s anymore and I can’t find them. I also love red, but I do wear it. Just T shirts and sweaters though.

We also have kids near the same age. My DD1 is almost 32, and DD2 is 29. My DSD is 37. No grandkids yet though. :shrug:

Hi Jan,

Thank you. We do have some things in common. I wear T shirts and sweaters too! I buy my jeans at Fashion Bug. Because I have such a weird shaped body they came out with some jeans that fit me perfectly.

Have a nice day!

I doubt if your body is that weirdly shaped if they made a jean for it! I’m sure you’re in good company! I never, seriously [I]never[/I], wore jeans till I lost almost 50 lbs 5 yrs ago, now I love them! I get the stretch ones and they are so comfy!

I just started wearing Keds tennies again and I love them, too! I have wide, sensitive feet so it’s hard to fit them comfortably. :doh:

Hi Mary,
I’m TEMA and I just joined this evening… I love jeans as well and wear them whenever possible. They are so comfortable.
At home I have a pair of old mid-calf pants that I wear. I embroidered all over them when they got too old and ratty to be worn outside so I really feel like they are ‘me’. LOL!
These days I don’t get out that much but spend a lot of time in my recliner in the front room knitting and watching the world go by.
What are you knitting right now?

Right now I am knitting a scarf and hat to match. I found a stitch that looks lacy and am trying to incorporate it into a hat. The first hat I made was too small so I am trying to make it bigger. I really enjoy trying to make things without a pattern but I’m not very good at it.

There is a contest going on with …I think it’s Caron yarn, (it’s on my email) and I’m thinking of entering it. If you win you get a $300.00 gift certificate for A.C. Moore store plus there are lesser amounts that you can win. I have never done this before either but I think it would be fun. The blanket can be donated to project Linus or I’m sure I could find someone in this forum that donates baby blankets.

Hi ya, Mary:waving: Nice to see you in the Blogs.

Welcome to KH blogland! :hug:

A few of your “things” are like me.

Hi Shandeh,

Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s somewhat bossy. I used to tell people that candy was my favorite food group! lol.

I have been working on a hat and scarf that I have sort of made up the pattern myself. My first hat was too small in length. The scarf is too wide, 8 inches! I can live with the scarf being 8 inches wide but I could not live with a hat too small. So I finished my 2nd hat this morning and it fits perfectly. I didn’t realize I had a big head! Now I am going to downsize the pattern for a smaller head around to fit my DG who is a barbie doll. She’s 18, a little taller than me but she is very small. I wonder where that came from?

  1. I love candy.
  2. Everyone at work thinks I’m a computer whiz. When a computer acts up I turn it off then on and now they all call me when they have computer problems.
  3. I like to read.

I’m not bossy and I’ve been to Canada several times so I guess I can’t count those, but the other three are true of me as well! I’ve learned that I get ‘addicted’ to candy if I eat it much so I have to be careful with it. My kids always call and ask about computer stuff…it’s funny. I can help with some things, but “my computer is acting weird” is a tough one! :roflhard: And I love to read, but I only do so at night now… days are for knitting and hanging out in here. :shifty:

I also only read at night. On my days off I have a knitting marathon. Tomorrow I am going to go to my sister’s house on the coast and of course I’ll take my knitting.

I’m the QUEEN of bossy sometimes. My poor hubby gets the brunt of it, usually. And the choir director at my church does too. One time, when we were having a little difference of opinions about a particular piece of music (in front of the choir, mind you), I said, “Well…you’re the one in charge”…and he said, “I AM??” :teehee:

I have a big head too. In fact, I’ve never knit a hat that fits right, except for one roll-brim pink hat that makes me look weird. :roll: I think I should dye it brown or green, maybe then it would look better.

Same here. I’ve noticed that if I stay AWAY from candy, I don’t crave it. But, if I take ONE bite, I have to have it for several days afterward.

I have decided not to enter the baby blanket contest as I do not have enough time. A coworker asked me to knit a baby hat and booties for a baby shower this Sunday. I have the hat 90% done but I still need to do the booties.

My guy is coming home today :yay: :yay:

I finished the hat and one bootie for my friend who asked me to make them for a baby shower today. They turned out huge!! I’m going to make them with a smaller needle. She told me it was OK to finish them later as she could not make it to the shower anyway. Thank goodness! I don’t like to be rushed and she always asks me to make things and she only has a few days until she needs it. Oh well. At least she asks me.

I’m having one of those days. It started out that I filled my car with gas yesterday and paid $1.83 a gallon. I came to work and traffic was horrible it took me 45 minutes to get to work when it should only have taken me 20 minutes at the most. I had to go past the gas station where I purchased gas last night and it’s only $1.75 today. I know it’s only 8 cents a gallon difference but still!! I get here to work and no one is getting along very well. It’s been a long day and I still have 2 hours to go! Then I forgot to bring extra yarn so that I could knit during my breaks.

Ok I’ll quit whining.

Gah! :doh: I hate days like that! I hope you’ve had some nice since then! I don’t work anymore, but I’m starting to fret because Christmas is so dang close… arrgghh! I. Need. To. Get. Off. My. Butt!!!

LOL Jan!!

I know what you mean about getting off the butt and doing something. I still have almost all of my shopping to do. I always wait until the last minute then it’s gift certificate time. Which I don’t like doing. I always end up spending more money than I should.

Things got better then I started to knit on the scarf I’m making. I was just knitting away and then I started paying attention to what I was doing and couldn’t remember what row I was on! I’m doing a stitch that takes 3 rows to do and all of a sudden I thought what am I doing. Needless to say I had to frog. I’m hoping no one notices.

I actually started months ago when I ordered a couple things online. Then I let the momentum come to a screeching halt! Arrg! Well, going out tomorrow or shopping online tomorrow at the very least so I should get something done. :thumbsup:

My sister is always finished with her Christmas shopping by Sept. of every year. I wish I had inherited that.