How did I DO that?

I started knitting 5 years ago when I was pregnant with my girl. I knew CO, K and P when I started, taught to me by a kind friend.

I have taught myself with books and with THIS site. I can read a pattern like a cookbook now and there are some techniques I don’t yet do or prefer not to do but I can really do anything I want with somewhat reasonable proficiency. Now when I look at patterns that the level says “experienced” or “advanced” and I often think, “How did I get here?”

Insert thoughts on your own knitting here. :slight_smile:

I have found just being a little bit fearless about patterns has helped me, and a lot of question asking here. I am currently knitting lace and finding it quite enjoyable. I am very surprised by this because for one thing I thought it would be way harder, although it is a beginner intermediate pattern. I can’t wait to find something that is hard:)
I have also learned that I have a love hat relationship with bamboo yarns.

I feel the same way, Bambi. I just started knitting last August and already I feel like I could tackle anything that came my way (of course I avoid seaming … but I ‘could’ do it). It’s really funny to look at pictures of my first swatch or scarf or random work in the round. :slight_smile:

I started knitting when I was about 4, maybe even just 3 (which I think is correct), just after learning how to crochet.
I knit EVERYTHING. Small, that used to be.

Well and then come times when you tire of socks and gloves and doll clothes for dolls I did not play with anymore.

I did not do pullovers after suffering from sleeve trauma (getting bored during the knitting of a pullover twice in the same year and never making sleeves). I never made scarfs, either. But then I realized, that maybe my endurance at the age of 10, when suffering from sleeve trauma, might have changed by my mid thirties :wink:
I knit a whole case of baby outfits for my newborn niece. Then I knit a pullover for myself (short sleeves), then a cabled jacked with a little over 1000 cables in it and then a norwegian jacket without sleeves.
I am currently working on a thai style top I found in “The Knitter”, made scarfs, hats, and everything. Love knitting toys again as I did when I was a kid, and so on.
My goal is to either produce something incredible or to advance in my knitting. Or preferably: BOTH at the same time.
And I am really trying or learning something new.

So after 30 years of experience and all those fumbly little projects I built up some more patience and endurance. And I am still learning new methods, tricks, patterns, techniques all the time. This site and magazines, other sites, other knitters, youtube… everybody brings me forward a good bit.

I am no expert. I am no master. But I do my share and knitting is the greatest way to come down from stress after work and to make TV less boring.

Now I go home tonight (my day just began) and unravel a half finished project to the very first bit, because I missunderstood what kind of stitch marker was used. Therefore everything is shifted and less nice than it could be. I want it nice.

I’ve thought about the same thing, Bambi! In my case I know what got me here… being a forum member and moderator. I have often had to look things up for someone and when I do I learn, too! Just reading what other knowledgeable members have written is a learning experience as well.

I can also do anything now, but I just choose to do somethings over others. I often take patterns or knitting books to bed and read them. :thumbsup:

I’ve been knitting for over 20 years and I still feel like such a newbie sometimes, and then others I feel the stuff is old hat.

I will be honest, my toughest project so far was the Tree of Life Baby Afghan from Lion Brand. It required strict attention to detail and taught me a lot about my knitting. Doing some lace afterward helped my confidence level as well.

I’m not exactly the brightest bulb in the chandelier sometimes, and it takes me getting over my fear of some technique or just practicing it over and over until I feel confident enough to attempt it on my project. I have swatches all over my desk from testing needles, gauge, stitch patterns (I hate double seed stitch).

I will admit, this site renewed my interest in knitting and helped me open my horizons quite a bit. I’m no longer knitting the square items. I can increase, decrease, make my stitches do things that make pretty designs. So I would have to say, this site, the forums, the videos, the glossary and everyone here has really helped me get to where I am now.

Thanks for all the replies! I love to hear the stories.

Jan, how long did you knit before becoming a moderator?

Evan, I have seen some of your projects and I just can’t believe that you have been knitting less than one year.

Angela, I saw your Tree of Life Baby Afghan and it is a beautiful heirloom piece.

Kntting Rocks!

:think: Not sure really, but I’ve been knitting about 4.5 yrs (October 2005) total. I’ll have to ask Sheldon when I became a mod.