How delicate ar knit afghans?

I am considering making a big afghan for my bed, but I don’t know how delicate they are.

I have 2 ‘bed size’ afghans! They are tough stuff!

A 63"x71" Log Cabin blanket. (City Tweed HW)

And a Celtic Afghan, about 75"x85" (Rowan Polar)

Both are holding up under the severest tests of use! :happydance:

Artlady I love your log cabin quilt. How much yarn did you need for that size. is the pattern from Mason Dixon?


Depends on what you want! You can make it as dense or as delicate as you want. And remember, just because there is a lacey effect (ie “holes”) dosn’t mean it won’t be warm!

Art lady–those are both great but I LOVE the celtic one. Where can I find the pattern??

I looked on her Ravelry page and apparently it’s from the book Cables Untangled. My library has it so maybe yours does, too if you want to check before buying or only want one pattern.

Do you have dogs and are they allowed on your bed? I have crochetted afghans that my mother made me while in high school/college and I LOVE THEM. I have had to stop using them on the bed since we got the dogs as they do not hold up well against dew claws and collars. They inevitable get snagged. Prior to the dogs they did great - and were washed often as I am always cold and carried them all over the house with me.

I have cats and yes, they are allowed on my bed.

vaknitter has a point re: cats. My cats have taken over a couple of my afghans!! The thing I don’t like is how the cat hair sticks to knitted things. That being said, my only suggestion is to use something that is tightly knitted (i.e., no “lacey” patterns). The log cabin style is a great suggestion. And yes, they hold up well; I have an aran-style afghan that I made back in the early 1980’s (using acrylic, chunky yarn) and it has been through a lot, and is still in great shape.

ArtLady, that aran afghan is totally amazing. You are my idol!

Tillie, Jan is right. I’m sorry, I didn’t see your question til today.
It is in Cables Untangled, and the best part is: it’s knit all in one piece! No strips to seam! I remember using US11 needles for the project. (24 skeins of bulky yarn) The pattern itself calls for worsted weight yarn, a smaller size needle, and fringe. By using bulky yarn, mine turned out bigger than the model…but that’s what I intended.

You’ll love how fast and fun the design is! I was done with it in 4 weeks! I was almost sad when it was done! Almost. :wink:

The “bell ruffle” is found in Nicki Epstein’s book: Knitting On The Edge.Also at Amazon. Well worth the investment, too.

I opted for the bell ruffles at the end because it’s different, plus the bulky yarn I was using doesn’t do well as fringe. It gets all splitty and wonky on the ends very easily. (Rowan Polar, now discontinued: I got it on Ebay, [U]f[/U]rom the Rowan lady, for a great price, and free shipping!)

Hi Becky! :waving: Sorry, I didn’t see your question til today!
Are you a Raveler? I have all the details in my Ravelry projects.
If you aren’t a Raveler yet, why don’t you join now! There is no wait anymore. I was in jury duty this week, gabbing with a knitter I met (we were in the waiting room)…and she joined Ravelry using her blackberry! Right then and there!

Anyway, to answer your questions:

  1. Yes, the log cabin pattern is located in the Mason-Dixon book. The first book. Click here.
  2. You can make a log cabin blanket as small or huge as you want to…but mine is huge…and I used 4,000 yds.

The beauty of the log cabin is: you can chose between prolly 3-4 size needles with the yarn you’ve chosen. The smaller the needle, the denser the garter stitch is gonna be, and the more yarn you’ll use. If you use a larger needle, the garter stitch will be lighter weight, and you will use less yarn to acheive the size you want! The other beauty of the log cabin is: you can use all types of stash and left over yarn, just as long as they are the same ‘weight’ yarn! If you mix acrylics with wools…that’s ok…but you would have to launder it with the same care as if it was entirely wool.

Have fun!

The Mason-Dixon gals state that they ALWAYS have a log cabin blanket in the works. One is dk weight, one is worsted weight. As soon as they finish a sweater, they add the left over yarn to the dk (or worsted) log cabin! They don’t wait. They add the left over yarn asap! Good for tv watchin’!