How cool is this?

I wanted to add a little something extra to the walls in the kitchen. I first thought about stenciling but figured it’d be a pain. Then thought of wallpaper cutouts. But then I found these!!! They are wall stickers and the best part, only $1 :happydance: (Dollar Tree) Sweet eh?

Wow…how cool is that!?

Now I just hope they hold up. The glue on them seem pretty good and I washed the walls before hand. I bought 5 sheets total. I’m going to randomly place them along the headers. I’m so geeked, they match the dishes I asked for for Christmas!!! :happydance:

oh those are cool. very retro

I love when it all pulls together like that- the stickers matching the dishes, matching a great deal… very cool! (your Dollar Tree must be Much better than mine…)

It seems like a good store. Here are the dishes I want…

Here are the dishes I want

I like them. I’m going to check out the Dollar Tree next time I’m home. Something like that wouldn’t look too shabby in my new kitchen.

I loooove the Dollar Tree. Used to shop there a lot when I lived in Colorado. There isn’t one of them in Rapid City and I miss it. Cool stickers!!!

I like it. I love to decorate. Choosing and selecting the things is half the fun. Hope you get the dishes soon.:woot: