How come my shortrow stitches always look fluffy?

when ever I do short rows the stitches I wrapped kinda pop out and look fluffy if that makes sense? Anyone know how I can avoid this?

Are you picking up the wraps as you knit the stitches?

yup. I have this problem when I use another short row tech. also.

Hmm. I would suggest maybe making your wraps tighter then. (Or if this is after-the-fact, distribute the extra “puffiness” or slack around adjacent stitches with a crochet hook.)

Agree on wrapping tighter.

Also, are you making sure the ‘wrap’ ends up on the WS? If the wrap is worked correctly and both the wrap and corresponding st end up on the WS it’ll virtually disappear but if it ends up on the RS it’ll cause a bump. Not sure that helps. Perhaps you could post a pic?