How come my knitting in the round is opposite?

Here’s the problem…Look at the below picture. According to the pattern, the needle closest to you is needle number 1 (N1), needle 2 (N2) is the upper right hand needle, and needle 3 (N3) is the last on the left. Keeping this in mind, the working yarn is in between N3 and N1, and I am about to start the next row on N1.

Ok…here’s where the problem comes in. Look at the previous rows on N1…they appear to be purled. Following in the pattern, the next several rows are to be [B][I][U]knitted[/U][/I][/B] on the 24 sts on N1 (back and forth). The pattern calls for a K row, turn, then a Purl row, turn…etc. It is hard to explain, but the existing rows on N1 are wrong…they should look like Knit rows. Furthermore, if I were to Knit the next row, it would be wrong after the “Turn”. Basically, if I work it as the pattern states without correcting it, the WS would be facing out instead of the RS.

This happened to a pair of booties that I donated to charity. I did it on both socks equally, so it looks like it is supposed to be there. What it ended up looking like (it was actually neat looking) was after the “ribbing” portion of the pattern, the next 3 rows were Purls and created a band around the sock for 3 rows. This was incorrect, because the row was not supposed to be WS out, but rather Knit sts out, or RS. However, I followed the pattern and got the “bands”. After I matched the 3 WS rows on the second bootie, I fixed the pattern but knitting instead of purling rows.

Basically, I work the DPN’s Counter-Clockwise because when you join the round, the working yarn is on the right needle, and you join by working the first sts on the LH needle (first cast on)…then, I continue working counter clockwise.

I must be flipping something. Has anyone experienced this and corrected themselves? The sock is looking very good, and I can correct this by changing the pattern. However, there is obviously something that I am doing wrong ALL THE TIME! So, I need to learn and fix it.

Thanks for this “community”…there are a BUNCH of newbies out there that DEPEND on you guys. I am thankful myself, and couldn’t have started the hobby without your help. Really, your site has been able to answer 99.9% of my questions just by watching videos and reading posts.


When you knit in the round you are always knitting on the RS of the work. Therefore, you have to work every other row (the WSs) in opposite fashion than you would when knitting flat to get it to appear as desired.

Flat Stockinette:
Row 1 (RS) Knit
Row 2 (WS) Purl

Stockinette in the round:
Row 1(RS) Knit
Row 2 (RS) Knit

Your diretions “Knit row, turn” seem odd. Why would you need to turn when working in the round, unless you were doing short rows?
If you do knit a row, turn, then purl a row you should still be getting stockinette on the RS. I think you will need to post more of the pattern, in order for me or others to help you further.

When making the heel portion of the sock, the 24 sts are worked back and forth in (K a row, then P a row). Then, after you ‘turn the heel’, you pick up sts and start working in the round again.

I understand about WS vs RS in the round. I just can’t figure out why my WS is showing since I followed the patt. to a “T”. It isn’t the pattern though because the baby booties did the same thing. I am always having to do one row opposite than instructed to correct it.

I just thought maybe I am working the wrong direction or something. Just trying to fix it once and for all. I seem to have this issue a lot. I had it on a flat piece too…That post here became 5 pages of great advice.


Your problem might be coming from when you set your work down. Sometimes the tube turns inside out. Push it through the center of the work and it will be right side out again. If the purl bumps are facing you, it’s inside out. You will always work from right to left. Your working yarn will always be coming from off the right needle.

Sounds like you’re knitting on the inside of the triangle formed by the dpns. You should be knitting on the outside, taking sts from the left needle and transferring them to the right needle (as usual). In your picture needle one is as you indicate but needle two should be on the left and needle three in the upper portion of the picture. Then if you were knitting on the outside, you would have just finished working with needle one and be about to start knitting with needle two (on the left). The working yarn would be hanging from needle one and ready to work sts from needle two. When you join in the round, you should have the tips of the needles closest to your chest and the other needles away from you.

I read once that when you are knitting in the round, think of your work as a glass of water. Your needles should be in front of you from where you would sip from. I would try turning the socks (tube) inside out and see you will probably be on the right track. Make sure your needles are in front not the back.

You guys are wonderful! I think that’s where the problem lies…when I join the round, I continue to work with the needles pointing away from me, and not AT me. This explains a lot because it is not noticeable until after the ribbing due to the nature of ribbing looking similar inside or out. Then, once I do the one row to fix the issue, I have “flipped” the sock inadvertently back to the way it should be going. Thanks a million, and I hope this solves it. I will know more when I get back home.


This is where a safety pin or a bit of contrast colored scrap yarn stuck in the outside of the work comes in handy :slight_smile: Keeps you from getting turned around when you have to put the work down and may not pick it up for a couple of days.

Don’t feel bad. We’ve all struggled when we were first learning how to knit in the round. You can watch all kinds of videos but sometimes they don’t tell you everything. When I started out knitting in the round on circulars, I always ended up with an extra stitch at the end of the round, an unwanted yarn over. It took me a while to figure out that every time I switched needles, I had to be sure the working yarn was positioned inside the circle and not behind it. The Youtube knit in the round videos don’t show you that.

YES!!! You are correct! This can happen even when knitting flat (for me), and if you don’t pay attention to where the working yarn is after the turn, you can end up with two sts that form almost like an “X” on the RH needle. It took me a while to figure that one out!

Thanks all, next, I want to attempt a simple (yet listed as intermediate) lacy top for my wife. I would like some help. The armholes and neck areas REALLY confuse me. I am affraid that I will put in HOURS of work, then get to those sections and mess everything up, or not be able to figure it out. Anyone feel like being my mentor to help me through my first top? :thumbsup:

That’s a lovely pattern you’ve chosen, Anthony.

I think you can just consider KH as your mentor. This site is better than having just one mentor because if that person couldn’t answer a question, then you’d have to go elsewhere. With the whole of KH by your side, you can get tons of help, sometimes a variety of helpful answers, AND quick answers to your queries!!

*I would recommend starting the pattern and working up to the point where you’re confused. Then ask questions of the knowledgeable people here until you’re unconfused. Then repeat from * to end! :teehee:

What a beautiful sweater! Thank you for sharing it, I may have to give it a go for my daughter… :slight_smile:

From what I’ve seen you try so far, I don’t think you’ll have any problem with the sweater, as the b/o for shaping are in st st, not in the lace pattern.

I agree with Antares, jump in, and ask questions as you go!:thumbsup:

Thank you for the link to the pattern, I may knit that for my daughter-in-law for next Christmas. She appreciates what I make for her, my daughter didn’t.

Love it! How creative to bring in knitting terminology with your reply!!!:thumbsup:

Please let me know how it turns out, and post pictures if you come to some slightly challenging parts (if you come to any), that way, maybe I can complete it without even having to bother you all! I am SURE you will be way ahead of me on completion. :roflhard:

Thanks all!

Now, Anthony! You’re not bothering us, so ask as many questions as you please. After all, questions/answers make up the majority of this forum, and if folks like you (and me) didn’t ask questions, it would be a boring site indeed!

How pretty! I bet she’ll love it. Looking at the pattern, the neck and armholes look pretty standard for shaping, I don’t think you’ll have any major problems. You shouldn’t have any problem at all with getting any help you need here. Go for it!