How come?....long tail cast on question

Ahh, I’m finally back on here! I was in training in VA all last week, with no access to a computer, and of course 15 projects to start, my Green Gable being 1st priority and I had a cast on question! Argh!!

Anyways, back to the question…
Everytime I do the long tail cast on, I end up untwisting the yarn?! I was using Cotton Fleece, which is what, 4 ply? and by the time I was about 1/2 way through casting on, the yarn was basically 4 strands?! Am I doing something wrong here?
I had a Vogue Knitting book that showed the German Twisted Cast on, so I tried that, and I didn’t seem to have the same problem, but I didn’t like how that one looked? Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?! Thanks ladies! I must get to work on this Green Gable! I’m a week behind scheduled start time!!

I always have the same problem. Don’t know how to fix it :frowning:

I get this too. Not always, but sometime. It depends on the yarn. Like right now I’m using 100% alpaca for the fetching gloves and it happened. I just keep going and it seems to work out okay. But, I’m interested to see if anyone has any ideas on to stop it. Long tail is my favorite cast on.

Is it untwisting on the tail, or on the main yarn? If it’s the tail, just retwist every few stitches. Happens with some yarns.


I get the same thing with some yarns. When I see it happening, I stop and let the tail twist back, sometimes with help, to what it’s suppose to be.

It’s just the motion of the cast-on that gently untwists the yarn tail - I was trying to figure it out last night and at some point I noticed that the yarn is untwisted just a bit each time I cast on a stitch. It adds up!

If I have a lot of stitches to cast on, I just let my knitting dangle a bit when I notice it start to untwist (maybe every 10 - 20 stitches). It winds itself back up and is ready to go.

I try to let it retwist itself, but I feel like I’m doing it every few seconds, which makes it seem like it’s not the easiest or quickest cast on anymore. I think I might move to the German Twisted Cast On, it was almost identical, but with a few more steps, creating a purl bump, which looks really nice.

well, I usually keep using the untwisted yarn, never noticed any difference when it’s finished.

Me too!

Me too![/quote]

Me Three! :smiley:

Well… I guess if Ingrid can live with it, so can I!!! :lol:

Me too![/quote]

Me Three! :D[/quote]

Me Four!!!

Most of the time I don’t realize it’s doing it, then I just let it twist back.