How close to the edge?

I read a comment somewhere about some people being afraid to stretch their work out on the needles and ended up knitting too close to the points of the needles. So I’m curious, how close to the pointy edges of the needles should the work be sitting while I’m knitting?

I try to stretch out the right needle (stitches I’ve already worked) and have the left needle stitches fairly close so they can be slipped off easily once worked. However, the answer to this question has always intrigued me.

When I’m knitting a row the sts on the left needle are on the tip and could fall off easliy… if I stop mid row I have to push the sts down… I’m not sure either if it matters or not… I know mom knits with them further back on her needles it’s more comfy for her and she worries if they are to close to the tip of dropping a stitch…:thumbsup:

The right needle is what determines the size of the st, the left is basically a holder since they’ve already been done. Just don’t wrap your yarn around the tip only of the right needle, and don’t give the yarn a tug after you’ve brought the new stitch out of the left stitch. The stitches really will not fall off the needle if you don’t knit them really tight. Honest.

When I insert my right needle, I always put it in past the point and onto the straight part of the needle. I agree that where they are on the left is not as critical, because, as suzee said, they were already knitted in the right place. I’ve always let the needles and yarn determine my gauge. I just go along.