How clean is your house?...BBCAmerica

Anyone else watch this show on BBCAmerica? These 2 ladies go into people’s houses and are shocked by the amount of filth, garbage and general lack of clean. They go through and talk to the owners and then clean it up, showing the homeowners how to clean. Then they show up 2 weeks later and most of the people have kept it up, every and then there is someone who likes to live in filth. And it is filmed entirely in England, Scotland and Ireland.

Ive seen this show and I LOVE it! But Ive seen them come over to here too.

I think they are so funny! But some of those places they go in… :ick:

I love the show too. But why do they always have to smell everything? The nastier it looks, the more Aggie wants to smell it. That woman is cray-zeee.

I’ve watched it couple of times when I’ve caught it, can’t seem to remember what channel and time it’s on though. The one I watched had a family with pets that they let poop and pee on their carpet because nobody wanted to walk them. I about puked, but I guess some people live that way and accept it. :ick:

I’ve seen that show over here and its great. How some people wind up living!!! YUCHHHH I always like to hear the bacteria level etc from the kitchen and bathroom.

But honestly, I think the UK dog trainer show should be held there too. That woman (I can’t think of name now) takes the [B]worst[/B] barking and behaved, nipping dogs and just brings them around (with no shock collars) and shows how it’s owner mismanagement or lack of understanding about training that leads to problems. Someone might know the name and you may be able to see it on Fox. Sure worth a watch.

The Nanny is also a good show too (not the US sitcom but the one where children are really off the wall and have taken control of the household).

I used to watch that programme too but it went out around 8pm when I’d just finished dinner. Trust me, dinner and [I]How Clean [/I]do not mix at all well.

Hi Susan

There have been a couple dog-training programmes on TV here - I think you might mean Victoria Stilwell, with Channel 4’s [I]It’s Me or the Dog[/I].

Her positive, reward-based methods are wonderful because she understands how and why a dog is behaving in the way it is.

Alot of the dogs are totally confused, they don’t know who the pack leader(s) is/are and this puts the dog under pressure to become leader. Dogs live in our world and are just not equipped to deal with this situation.

Victoria gets remarkable results in a very short space of time. Dogs want to please their owners and Victoria has no truck at all with choke-chains (shock collars are banned here, thank goodness).

She spends an equal amount of time explaining things to owners as she does to training the dog!

figaro… I just realised…you are not aware the ladies did a series in the US? That was the series I saw here. Of course some of the people were initially fazed by the oh so English approach and accents. But they dealt with all sorts of people , couples and families and just share places. Some homes had garbage on the floor a step in from the front door almost across the whole house.

Limey… Victoria is incredible. One family had a dog that would always go beserk when taken out on a lead and when it passed another dog or person or pram. Victoria had the mother of the family walk the dog and the instant it behaved badly the woman had to turn on her heel and walk the other way. Then, stop, turn, and walk the way she had intended to go in the first place. The dog of course wanted to go for the walk so each time the woman turned around the dog soon realised the prospect of the walk would go if it kept up the bad behaviour. I think the woman turned around about 8 times on the first walk…and then it became less and less with just an occasional correction from that moment on. Like anything, raising kids, dealing with pets or even housework! it takes determination and willingness to put oneself out in order to claim the prize. No shortcuts. Just willingness to take the time and persevere.

And yes, eating dinner and looking down at some of the lavs they had to tackle…glory be! One place they opened the fridge and there were cockroaches running around inside it! :noway:

Susan P. - Yes, I have watched the epi’s filmed here in the US but I like the ones filmed on the other side of the pond better for some reason. I do have a question that maybe one of you that live over there could answer - what is biological powder? Is there a brand name, is it only over there or is it also over here? I keep seeing them use it all over the place but can’t find it over here?

The term isn’t really used here much but a biological powder has an enzyme that is used to treat and remove stubborn stains. It’s usually protein based I believe.
You wouldn’t use a non-biological powder to get out grease marks on overalls for example. Non-biological are more plant based etc.

Here in Australia we tend to concentrate on not use phosporous based detergents and powders.

Do you have sugar soap? They use that on the show too I think. Your hardware stores may stock it. It’s good for washing down walls. I use that or a paste called Gumption for wall stains. Sugar soap is a liquid by the way.

I guess it’s like The Office. Some people simply adore the UK version but not the American. Some have said they were surprisingly happy with the US version. Depends on how attached you are to the original I guess. I can never imagine a show like MASH being made anywhere else but the US for example.

I always laughed at the pink washing up gloves with the pink boa around the wrist. That would drive me mad but it was amusing to see. :slight_smile:

Oh I howl with laughter when they hand those gloves over to a big burly guy to scrub a potty.

I cant help but cringe at some of the looks they give when they sniff mattresses. :ick:

Yes LOL But I wouldn’t want to sniff a mattress from some of those houses! Then again, I recall Carlton (sp?) from Queer Eye sniffing a few dirty pairs of jocks found stuffed under a bed or under rubbish on the floor and rolling his eyes :slight_smile:

Never heard of sugar soap, the only stuff that I heard of to wash walls is a powder called TSP. I just googled sugar soap and it said that it is used mainly in the Commonwealth countries and a comparable product here in the US is TSP.

Hi Debbie

TSP does seem to be similar to sugar soap. Range of TSP here:

I use sugar soap for washing down and preparing paintwork before decorating. It’s very good at cutting through grease but don’t go mad with it on gloss paint, as it can damage the surface.

I’ve been trying to remember the brand names of soap powders over there, there’s no actual biological brand name but manufacturers make products such as Persil Bio and Persil Non-Bio.

If you look down the cheaper end of the soap powders in the supermarket, you might find them there. Do you have Surf or DAZ? The blue coloured soap powders could well be biological. Should say something on the box.

As Susan said, they’re for breaking down protein stains, such as egg, blood, etc.

Glad you like the programme, anyway.

Susan - I’m outta here:out:

Too late!:passedout:

LOL OH dear…well…after doing some research for a show I’m freelancing for I decided I will never eat peanut butter again…you know the saying…" a little information is…"

Spill it!! What’s up with the peanut butter? :ick:
A year or so ago we had a huge recall here of peanut butter due to some crud that was found in it. I’m not a big peanut butter fan anyway but I really am a little leery after that. Do tell. :teehee:

Heh… Limey look away now. Ok, I knew that in India say they allow…true…a certain percentage of say rat droppings in flour. I know… :cry: In some western world countries 30 insect parts and one rat hair is allowable per 100 grams of peanut butter. In the US in an 18 ounce jar of peanut butter you can have as many as five rodent hairs and 150 insect fragments. And this isn’t the only food where you find such things!

Now here is the source from your FDA but I would warn anyone with a weak tummy and who doesn’t accept that this is really just the way it is with mass production and so on not to look. Peanut butter because of its paste like presence was just something I could not look at again. You would literally need to buy fresh peanuts…wash and wash them, dry them and then use a special machine to make butter from if you wanted to avoid the issue. But then you would have to look at the salt and then any oils you added. I’ve had PB (years ago) just from peanuts but in the machine. Once you get used to the lack of salt taste its not bad: