How can you end with a RS row and then the next be a RS too

I am enclosing a portion of a pattern. Row one is a RS row. You knit for 2.5" and end with a RS row. THEN, the gathering rib row 1 is also a RS row. How is this possible??? I guess I’m just stupid… Am I making sense? It seems contradictory to me.

Looks like you have a decrease row on the WS before you resume on the RS again. It’s easy to miss, because the instructions are given under the “Row 2” heading.

That’s the way I read it, too. You end your pattern stitch with a right side row and then decrease on the next (WS) row.

yep, i see it too, it’s easy to miss but it says there is a decrease row in there “decrease 22… etc” which would be your WS row.

I was reading the pattern TOOOO literally. Assuming that the “end with RS row” would actually be the end, and that the decreases would be made there. Seems to me to be rather poorly written. But, nonetheless,
I got it now. Thanks for your help!

I was reading it like this too. I really want to learn to read patterns better. That is my whole problem. I just don’t get it. It says ending with a RS row. Wouldn’t that be the last row? If you are to end with that row wouldn’t that be the row to dec on? I guess :wall: I will always be asking how to read patterns because I just interpret it wrong.

You probably won’t have any trouble figuring out what patterns mean, most of them are written a lot more clearly than this one.