How can I turn these gift certificates into knitty gifts?

I have this big dilemma. I got several gift certificates for Christmas. Great gift!

But, they are all for places that don’t sell anything knitting-related. And, what I really want to get myself is some knitting stuff! (knitting bag, organizers, etc.).

I have certificates from :

TJ Maxx
Barnes and Noble
Bath and Bodyworks

Anyone have any idea how I could turn these into actual knitting dollars? I was thinking of trying to find someone who likes to shop at these places, who would give me cash for the gift certificate. But I’m not sure I could find anyone to do that - after all, a gift card is more limiting than cash, why would anyone want to?

Anyone have a similar dilemma or any advice for me? I got most of these from my dad, and he and I have a shaky enough relationship… I don’t want to tell him that I want something other than what he gave me. KWIM?

I just went on ebay and noticed many auctions for gift cards… I am really puzzled by it though.

Look at this one - it’s a gift card for $25, and shipping is $1. The current bid on it is $25 :??

Why would anyone pay $26 for a $25 gift card??

Barnes and Noble has some excellent knitting books. As for the others, maybe you can find something to act as a knitting bag from Target and TJ Max. Actually, some Targets have a limited supply of knitting things–but lots of storage options for yarn. As for Bath and Bodyworks, my daughter got me a gift set from there in September that came in a leatherish basket. I use it for my current project.

And you post an excellent question–why would someone pay extra for a gift card? The joy of winning?

Target - they occasionally have some fun fur type of yarns in their dollar bins, I also bought a 3 drawer bin to keep yarn in at Target!
TJ Maxx - not a clue
Barnes and Noble - KNITTING BOOKS!
Bath and Bodyworks - lotion for yarn dry hands

i think those are excellent suggestions…especially the yarn storage one! get a big one so you have a reason to buy more (hafta fill it ya know!)

here is a link to finding places to exchange gift cards. they do suggest researching very well before getting into it. and if someone is going to pay more than it is work i would make sure the money is well in hand before sending that card because i would guess you are going to get a bad check or something along those lines (unless it is a true bidder newbie who doesn’t know what htey are doing!)

Ooooh, those are all great ideas!!! I hadn’t even thought of knitting books and yarn storage! I’m using a wire metal set of racks for my yarn right now - something wood would be MUCH better (yarn hasn’t gotten snagged yet, but it’s only a matter of time).

Thanks so much for the suggestions!!!

You could try to find a wool sweater at TJ Maxx and recycle the yarn

My ds said that there is a site called for people who don’t like what they got to swap it with someone else. She said they had all kinds of things including giftcards. She saw it on the news.