How can I tell?

My husband is allergic to many different types of animals. Birds, some dogs, cats, and also anything with mohair in it.

My question is if he’s allergic to those things, will he be allergic to alpaca?? I found this YUMMY yarn (from Mary Maxim) that has alpaca in it, but I don’t want to buy it if he’ll be sneezing the whole time I’m wearing said sweater.

What do you all think? Maybe I should take him to a LYS and have him stick his nose into different fibers as a “test run”.

Not sure what to do,

In my experience it’s often hard to tell with allergies … you never really know until you try it.

Personally, I’m not able to wear any kind of animal fiber without breaking out in an itchy rash. The fact that he is known to be allergic to several animals (and especially the mohair) I would be wary of other animal fibers as well. The severity of allergic reactions can vary though, so perhaps it might be ok (especially since he won’t be wearing the sweater directly).

You may want to do a “test run”, either having him spend some time with the particular yarn in the store or by buying one skein of the yarn to use as a test.

Personally I’d probably stay away from any animal fiber since he’s known to be allergic to several. I’m not sure a yarn store test is a good way to do it since he won’t be with the yarn as long as he’d be with a sweater, but it might be worth a try. :shrug:

You could knit a gender neutral scarf or hat, let him try it, and if he is allergic you have gained a hat or scarf!

I have a friend who is allergic to most animals (rabbits, cats, most dogs, horses), but she’s never complained about wool and alpaca etc. (and she knits a LOT). The only way to really tell is to give him a skein and ask him how he feels.

Some people are allergic to the dander animals shed & not the actual hair. But how can you know? Does he get sneezy after visiting the yarn shop with you? If so, I’d stay away from wools, alpaca etc. Even for yourself, since the fibers do get in the air.

Yeah…I am allergic to cats, dogs, horses, feathers. Here is the thing…I can’t sleep on a down pillow, or be around a cat too long, but I have no trouble touching such things. ie, I can pet a cat, and my skin has no reaction, but get the stuff in my eyes, and it is murder! Mine is more of an breathing thing. My lungs constrict, but physical contact doesn’t bother me.

The only fibre to date that I have had breathing trouble around was a possum fur mix. It was a lot like cat hair texturewise and as I knit it, it was getting up my nose.

I guess it would depend on the person who is allergic…

I’ve got cat allergies and a whole host of other ones that are just weird… but Alpaca and wool don’t bother me a bit. I honestly think it’s the dander and not the actual hair fibre that people are allergic to… plus, the fibers are washed quite a bit.