How can I tell where I'm at in the pattern?

I had to take out several rows of the lighthouse dishcloth I knitted because my stockinette stitch was reversed. :rollseyes:

I was counting the rows but my toddler interrupted me and I can’t remember how many it was. :shock: :rollseyes:

Is there a way to tell where I’m at in the pattern, and whether I ended with an all-knit row or a pattern row (in this pattern, all even rows are knit across)?


Here’s the pattern I’m using :

Hold the needle with the knitting on it in your left hand as if you are going to work the next row.

Two things to look for here. If the front of the pattern is facing you, you’ll be working a row where you knit across. If the purls are facing you, you’re working the pattern row.

Then count how many lighthouse stitches you did on the last row and find that many in the pattern. You’ll do the next row after that.

I use a lifeline now so I don’t have to guess. I just write down what row I put the lifeline in and change it as the lifeline moves up.