How can I tell when a skein will work as a center-pull?

So, I haven’t worked with a lot of yarns yet, and so far, some come nicely balled, I wiggle inside, find the end, and I’m off. Others, wrapped more like a hank, (hollow center) I’ve managed to work if they’re small (NY Yarns Wild Thing came this way) by simply putting something (spare needles ) in the hole to keep it open, and letting it unwind around that. Others, I bought at the thrift store (3-4 balls in similar colors for a buck, but no idea what they are, or what weight - so far most feel like wool and work like worsted weight - great way to learn, and my kids get to finger crochet and finger knit with 'em too). Those I just go out side and let 'em unroll, but I have had a few HUGE knots and tangles doing that.

BUT, now I have a sken of Knit Picks Essential in my hand, and I haven’t found an end in the middle yet. Before I tie it up in knots, I wanted to ask, do I keep digging in there? Cry because I have no ball winder? Just go outside and in and hope for no tangles or knots?


For those kind of skeins I just reach inside till I find some yarn that feels loose and pull it out. It can be a small chunk or a large one, but the end is always there. It’s not usually knotted much and I just shake it to loosen it and start knitting.

Sometimes I wind a center pull ball. You can find instructions here. Go to the bottom of the page.
If that link won’t work for you here’s more help.
Here’s another way to do it that looks really cool.

Ohh, that center-pull on the paper towel tube is wonderful, thanks so much for that link!

exactly! me too!

You’re welcome, Melinda. :thumbsup:

Unless something is already wound into a ball or a cake, I almost always have to wind it into a centre pull ball. I had been using my feet to hold the hank, but recently I started using my knees and it worked better. The key is to do it when you have time and when you have patience. I started one at 10:00 pm once…bad idea for me. Once you start winding, you realize how much easier and tidier it is to knit from a centre pull ball instead of a loose hank.

looking at the wind to the skein, you should have no problem working with the small yarn vomit from the start of the job
it will all come clear in the end
sometimes I get a SINGLE snag from a end going through a loop or so, but its pretty easy to see when you get to it how to pass your work through the same loostened loop to undo the little mess

it will be fine


yarn vomit
:roflhard: That is EXACTLY the term I used to dh when I pulled it out - “look honey, I found the end just like they said, but now it looks like my skein has vomited on my desk!”

I am dealing with that just fine so far, and thanks to all!:grphug:

I love the paper towel holder one!!! :hug::hug::hug: