How can I save this Bramble Stitch Afghan?

I love bramble stitch (k3 tog, k-p-k in same stitch, purl next row, then reverse pattern), but it’s so sloppy I tried to frame it with garter stitch for this afghan. After several inches of work, I noticed 2 problems. I really hate to rip it out, but the garter stitch is making the sides pull up and the bottom roll. I don’t think blocking/pressing would help. Do you? Anything else I can do to fix it? If I have to start over, any suggestions for a different border or should I give up and use an entirely different stitch? HELP! (I definitely need a :grphug: today. <SOB!>)

I don’t know why the garter stitch edge at the bottom is causing the afghan to curl. :?? Maybe it needed more rows of it to tame the tendency to curl. I don’t know what you can do about it after the fact but you can use a short row every once in a while along the sides on the garter border to prevent the thing from pulling up. How often you would need a short row I have no idea, you’d just have to experiment a little and put one as needed.

What fiber are you working with? It seems like a bramble stitch afghan should be doable, but I have not done one.

I’ve been depressed over this for several days which is just plain DUMB! I thought it was going to be gorgeous, but it’s UGLY! I HATE IT! I’m gonna rip it out and start over. Thanks for trying to help but I think this one was just a bad idea from the start. This is for our son for Christmas, so I have plenty of time to find a pattern I like. I’ll start looking right here right now.

I think part of why it’s not working because of the yarn. It looks like you have two colors held together? If you do that, you need a plainer stitch pattern - either stockinette, garter, seed or moss, rib, basketweave - something simple. A bramble stitch would work better with a solid color or heathered yarn, but not with two together which makes it look tweedy. That only adresses the stitch pattern, not the curling, though I think you may have too many sts in garter at the edges; that’s going to make the sides shorter than the middle. If you use bulky yarn (as in two held together) you probably only need about 3 or 4 sts in garter. And a larger needle.

LOL! I came to the same conclusion. I spent an hour looking at afghan photos and decided I didn’t like any of them that used a garter stitch border. You’re also right about the yarn being too busy for the pattern. I decided to rip it out and start over with alternating panels of seed stitch and basket weave. I’ll do up a sample and see if it needs a divider stripe. I think I’ll start RIGHT NOW! Thanks for your input.:thumbsup:

I’ve got a great pattern for that type of stitch… it’s a puffy basketweave blanket. Very easy and looks great. I made a larger throw for my son and DIL with 2 strands of Joann sensations boucle on size 13s.

That is a wonderful pattern. I tried a sample swatch, but it doesn’t look good with my goofy yarn combo (which I can’t change). I finally tried that old standby k2 p1 and it looks and feels nice. The best part of that deal is that it’s a no-brainer and goes fast, so I should be able to make up the time I’ve lost with little effort. The downside is that it won’t be the masterpiece I was hoping for, but that’s life.