How can I make this wider?

I have a pattern for a knit afghan that tells me to cast on 135 sts - the pattern rows instruct K6, p1 *k1 pl repeat from * to last 6 sts, then K6; next row tells me to K9, *p3, k3 repeat from * to last 6 sts K 6.

How can I make this about 1/3 or so wider? Thank you very much.

The pattern repeat is 6 plus 3 with 6 sts on each edge. If you add more sts in increments of 6 that should do it. I think 180 should work out okay.

I will try it today - thank you again.

If that makes it too wide (divide 180 by your sts per inch to see how wide that turns out) then subtract sts from the 180 by 6s - 174, 168, etc… If it’s too narrow, then add sts by 6s - 186, 192, etc.