How can I make the collar larger diameter?

hi everyone
i am knitting a raglan sweater in Stst with a roll down collar. I have made the collar the height/length I need it to be to fit my fiancee, but after I bound it off, it wouldn’t fit over his head!! (the trouble was that last row of stiches created when BO). I took out the BO sts and they are sitting patiently on my circular needles. I have some ideas:
(1) do a couple of rows of 1x1 (or 2x2?) ribbing to try to loosen up the top–this will prevent the “roll” though, right?
(2) increase a few sts in the round to give him some wiggle room
(3) 1 + 2?
(4) other??
Your help is appreciated!

If it was just the bound off edge that made it too tight, then I’d probably increase and knit a few extra rows and then bind off very loosely–using a bigger needle and consciously making the bind off loose. The roll of the collar will hide it if it doesn’t look great, and he should have more ‘wiggle room.’

Ingrid. You’re a [color=darkred]star[/color]. Thanks for your attention & help. I like the idea of BO loosely w/ larger needles and a couple of extra stitches. It’ll have to wait until tomorrow, as I’ll have to get some larger needles. Gives me a good excuse to go to the yarn shop!!

Always good to find a reason to go there! :wink: